Ukrainian March in Polish town chants “Poland must perish”


June 28, 2016 – 

Antifashist – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski

A scandal has unfolded in Poland surrounding the so-called March of Ukrainians living in Poland that took place on June 26th and celebrated the Sich Riflemen in the Polish city of Przemysl. During the event, participants clashed with young Poles, 23 of whom were detained by the Polish police for “clarifying circumstances.”

Meanwhile, the Polish anti-Banderite public is outraged not only by the arrest of their fellow citizens, but also by the fact that such a march is allowed in Poland in general, especially on the eve of the anniversary of the Volyn Massacre in which the “heroes of Ukraine” massacred hundreds of thousands of Poles. In addition, during the so-called march, in response to anti-Banderite slogans of the counter-protesters, one of the Ukrainians yelled “Poland has not perished yet, but it has to!” [A reference to the famous line of the Polish anthem – JA]. The pro-government police were not interested in the vile behavior of the Ukrainian, but most interesting is the local journalist Tomasz Maciejczuk who has offered a reward for helping to locate this Ukrainian. 

This has been reported by the Polish publication . The publication mentions how the Polish public is currently urging the government and parliament of Poland to officially recognize the Banderites’ massacre at Volyn as genocide. Instead, however, the publication complains that serious comments from people linked to the ruling party either deny the crime or call for Polish-Ukrainian relations not to be undermined. Similar trends can be seen in Ukraine itself. The natural reaction to the later, the portal writes, was the reaction of Polish youth to the organized March of Ukrainians in which, according to, around 500 people participated. 

Outraged Polish activists chanted “Stick it in a Banderite’s mouth” and “Poland is anti-Bandera”. As reports, the atmosphere was escalated by the fact that one of the march’s participants wore a black and red t-shirt (the color of the UPA flag). 

Tomasz Maciejczuk wrote on his Facebook profile yesterday that he is willing to pay up to 2,000 zloty for assistance in establishing the identity of the Ukrainian who shouted such offensively altered words of the Polish anthem. The video of the incident is available here

“A person screams ‘Poland has not perished yet, but it has to.’ Screams this during the Ukrainian march in Polish Przemysl. The police don’t react, and the person remains unpunished. How many times will we pretend that it’s raining when the Ukrainians are spitting in our faces?”, the journalist told . 

He also stated that such behavior should be responded to appropriately. 

“Poland is my home, my home land, and I believe that this type of behavior and chanting is simply unacceptable. Either we are going to react, or the Ukrainians will not respect us. For too long we’ve waited for Polish-Ukrainian dialogue, and for too long we have allowed them to build a cult of UPA without any confessions or repentance for their sins, especially those related to the mruders during the Volyn massacre,” he added.

The correspondent in Donbass and former volunteer of the Open Dialogue Foundation also commented on current policy towards Ukraine:

“We cannot continue to pretend that there is no problem just because Ukraine is waging a mythical war against Russia, a war which in the end ended up a frozen conflict. The last real attack took place in February 2015. We should pose the issue clearly: either we resolve the UPA problem, or there can be no talk of aiding Ukraine. We can help, but only provided they comply with certain conditions,” he added. 

As already mentioned, Tomasz Maciejczuk is a correspondent covering the conflict in Donbass. Some time ago, it became known that he was banned from entering Ukraine because “he represents a threat to state security.” 

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