Ukrainian “Titanic” heading straight for iceberg: Kiev analyst points to coming scandals, protests

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June 3, 2016 – 

NewsFront – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski

The Ukrainian political analyst and herald of the regime, Vadim Karasev, whose assessments are usually the most optimistic among his colleagues, has suggested that an “iceberg” can already be seen under the Ukrainian “Titanic.”

The “rats” are bankrupting their own banks and are already packing their bags – yet another Khrshchatik Bank scandal. But rather than repeating what Karasev himself has already posted on his Facebook page, here is the full text: 

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“Savchenko compared the parliament to the Titanic, but I would said that our entire ruling elite is the Titanic. The iceberg of a new wave of protests is getting closer, but almost nothing is being done to change course or stop the state vehicle from being used for enrichment.

In the new future, according to many financiers, we’ll have another high-profile corruption scandal linked to the Khreshchatik bank. 

Law enforcement officials, the Fund guaranteeing rival contributions, are rushing to declare that they’ve withdrawn their funds from the bank because the bank doesn’t guarantee securities. But what is really going on? According to bankers, the situation is the opposite – Khreshchatik has left a number of estates, land, and gold, etc. as collateral to the tune of billions. How can all of this be sold to their people for a pittance? Even disregarding the press releases which report that the bank’s loans are fictitious, the collateral is not in any way in danger. And then there will be one too many questions: where did the bank’s property disappear to? We are witnessing such a special information operation now.

Some officials from far from low ranks have fully mastered raider techniques. Including informational ones. These skills will definitely come in handy for “working” with the peaceful protests about which Leshchenko has spoken and about which Savchenko will probably soon enough also speak.” 

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