Ukrainian Veterans Demand to Immediately Stop the War in Donbass

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

24th June, 2016


On the Day of Memory and Grief on June 22nd in Kiev, hundreds of citizens gathered in the Park of Eternal Glory, who were not afraid of being persecuted by the authorities and nationalist militants.

The elderly, veterans of the Great Patriotic War and members of their families, representatives of veterans’ organizations, the Orthodox unions, and individual sympathizers gathered near the monument to the Unknown Soldier.

Many protesters wearing St George ribbons and Soviet awards brought Soviet flags. In the hands of people were posters with the eloquent slogan: “75 years of the Nazi beast aggression, 75 years since the feat of the Soviet people”, “For our Soviet Motherland!”, “Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten!”, and “Ukraine and Russia – Peace, Friendship Forever!”. And all this despite a real danger to their lives, because this kind of demonstration with all these symbols and slogans infuriates Ukrainian nationalists, supported by the Kiev authorities.

And although a spontaneous rally in the Park of Eternal Glory was watched from the outside by the police, as practice shows, in case of a real attack by nationalist militants, the Ukrainian police prefers not to interfere.

But the brave people of Kiev were not afraid to come out on this memorial day to lay flowers at the monument of the Unknown soldier. Ordinary Kiev residents are outraged by the position of the authorities, who do not consider it necessary to remember the tragic date of the Great Patriotic war, 22nd June 1941, replacing it with September 1st, 1939.

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“I think that the government in vain does not attach importance to this date, June 22nd. Of course, the Second World War was already under way, but the Great Patriotic War began on June 22nd. As at this time, folk were singing – “Kiev was bombed, we were informed that war had began”. I was only about a year old, I lived in a village in Belarus, and I remember the liberation from fascists,” said the FAN candidate of Military Sciences Mihail Lopatin. “Today we look at the Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts, where there are explosions, the our hearts bleed. War is a severe test for the people. And there is need to use all measures to stop it, to stop this murderous war.”

On this memorable and sad day people boldly expressed their opinions, condemned Ukrainian nationalists, and criticized the actions of Euromaidan Ukrainian authorities for the rehabilitation of Nazi collaborators and for the destructive and murderous economic social policy.

“Nazism today flourishes in the corridors of power of our country. The same Parubiy today praises Bandera. But as you know, the leader of Ukrainian nationalists divided people into three categories: those who share his ideology, those who do not interfere in his work, and those who oppose him. And it was especially this third category of people, which was a majority of Ukraine at this time, that the Banderists considered to be their enemies and were doomed to be exterminated. Pure Nazism! However, the harmful attempts of “patriots” to divide the brotherly people absolutely have no prospects at all. Our grandfathers defeated fascism – and we will defeat it also!”

It is noteworthy that the spontaneous rally was almost completely ignored by the “honest” mass media – there were almost no journalists in the Park of Eternal Glory. The Kiev authorities don’t allow a different point of view in the country. For this reason they created the Ministry of “Truth.”

“All of us, somewhere, have forgotten that “bad” propaganda is usually accompanied by rigid censorship. Under this power we got a Ministry of Information, which is busy with some kind of information policy. There is a “Peacemaker” website in our country, in which is the data of hundreds of people who have a different point of view,” said the former People’s Deputy of Ukraine Elena Bondarenko.

But no matter how long Ukrainian propagandists try to divide the people and erase historical memory, and no matter how much the Ukrainian authorities try to incite radicals to attack defenseless citizens, the people are coming out to express their position, like today in the Park of Eternal Glory, on Victory Day in the ranks of the Immortal Regiment, and as in Odessa on the Day of the Liberation of the city.

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