US is probably the only superpower. We accept this, but we do not need their interference — Putin

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Putin at St Petersburg International Economic Forum

RenTV, June 17, 2016

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that at the moment the US is the only superpower, but it does not mean that Washington can interfere in internal Russian affairs.

“America is a great power. Today, probably the only superpower. We accept this. We want, and are prepared, to work with the United States, but we do not need them to be constantly interfering in our affairs, pointing out how we should live, and preventing Europe from building relationships with us,” Putin said at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Putin noted that the current anti-Russian sanctions and the Russian countersanctions, in fact, do not affect the United States, but affect only Europe.

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“In general, they do not care about the sanctions. The consequences of our response don’t hurt them. They hurt in Europe but not in the US. On the US the effect is null, but the Americans say to their partners: You have to bear up. Why should they suffer? But if they want to suffer, all right, let them. Now Matteo, why should you suffer? Now Matteo may explain why they suffer,” Putin said, referring to the presence in the presidium of the prime minister of Italy Matteo Renzi.

Earlier, Vladimir Putin said that Russia does not hold any grudge against EU countries.

The Russian president stressed that Russia was not the initiator of today’s breakdown in relations with the EU.

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