War Crimes: Al Nusra Shelling of Residential areas of Aleppo – Osman reports [video]

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June 8th, 2016 – Fort Russ News –

– with RT – text by Joaquin Flores (video below)

As Al Nusra continues its patterned campaign of war crimes and crimes against humanity, operating as an invading force upon the territory of Syria, Marwa Osman makes some critical commentary. When asked about how this fits into the ceasefire, she points out that Al Nusra was not part of the ceasefire and therefore we should not expect them to observe it. 

The Al Nusra attacks are being made from civilian areas occupied by Al Nusra, into civilian areas which are now liberated. They are doing this because, as Osman states, if Al Nusra loses Aleppo they have lost more than half of the war. 

 ISIS allied Al Nusra’s shelling of Aleppo has targeted civilian areas © AFP 2016/ KARAM AL-MASRI

The US is apparently giving a blind eye to Al Nusra’s activities, in fact the US has plead with Russia not to attack Al Nusra, giving the unbelievable reason that Al Nusra’s positions are too close to the positions of the ‘moderate’ FSA units which fall under the ceasefire. But this chain of logic in fact exposes the collaboration between Al Nusra and and so-called moderate units. It also corroborates a high degree of coherency between the US led campaign to oust the government of Syria, and the activities of terrorist brigades in the country. 

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