Work on the Creation of S-500 Will Be Completed on Time

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

26th June, 2016


The representative of the Air and Space forces, Major-General Sergei Babakov said that the work on the creation of the new anti-aircraft S-500 “Prometheus” missile system is being planned. According to him, Airforce and the Defence Industry of Russia are confidently moving in this direction, so everything on the previously established terms will be completed.

To date, the priority for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is the modernization of missile weapons. The arsenal of wars in the 21st century can be described as missile weapons, so Russia is forced to actively engage in the development of aerospace defense in general, and missile defense systems in particular.

S-500, developed by the company “Almaz-Antey”, is a new generation anti-aircraft missile system, which will be the embodiment of the principle of separation destruction of ballistic and aerodynamic targets. The main task of the system is combatting ballistic warheads of medium-range missiles. It is assumed that the S-500 will be able to securely cover major cities, industrial centres, and important military installations from these missiles. Also, “Prometheus” will be able to destroy hypersonic missiles, aircraft, drones, low-orbit satellites, and other space tools of the enemy.

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The new air defense system will consist of the latest command posts, the latest early warning radar stations, AFAR radar, and anti-aircraft and anti-missile weapons. The range of the S-500 missile will be about 600 kilometers, and the system will be able to attack 10 ballistic supersonic targets at the same time. “Prometheus” detection range of objects will be increased by 200 miles compared to the S-400 “Triumph”.

The preliminary design phase of the S-500 was completed in 2011, and now it is in the technical design phase. In 2013, individual elements of the SAM were tested, and in 2014 the first successful missile launch for “Prometheus” was made. According to some, part of the S-500 will include a short-range anti-missile system, which recently passed tests on the Sary-Shagan training ground.

According to the military expert Igor Korotchenko, development of S-500 is at the final stage, with all the components of the SAM already made. We can assume that in the near future the actual combat test of the new system will start. You can also expect a quick adoption of the “Prometheus” into service, and then for mass production to begin.

The US military is closely monitoring the Russian new system. The fact is that the S-500 will not leave the American fifth generation fighter F-22 and F-35 any chances, and will also be put an end to the Pentagon’s concept of a prompt global strike. “Prometheus” has no analogues in the world, and American engineers are not able to create a more effective missile defense system.

Korotchenko believes that the development of S-500 is a complicated scientific and technical task, but the domestic military-industrial complex successfully copes with it. The entry into force of the new SAM will push the Russian missile defenses to a new level, and guarantees the security of the country for decades to come.

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