Aleksey Zhuravko: It Is Nationalist Battalions Azov, Donbass, Aidar, Dnepr, and Mercenaries Who Kill

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

5th July, 2016


During my visit to Donetsk, I recorded a lot of topical videos about how the arrested UAF soldiers were treated in Donetsk. I was very struck by the fact that each of them insists that they never shot at peaceful civilians, didn’t destroy houses, and didn’t kill children and the elderly. According to them they also didn’t destroy the social sphere.

After my question: “And so who really was shooting and killing?” The guys said, “Nationalist battalions “Azov”,”Donbass”, “Aidar”, “Dnepr”, and mercenaries do it, but not us. We can’t do it. We want peace, we do not want war, but today the government sends us to war”.

But they couldn’t really answer me why did they go to this war. They claim that they were forced to.

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You know, I don’t justify anyone and don’t try to defend anyone. Small children cannot shoot. Elderly women don’t put shells in their own houses or their gardens, and the residents of Donetsk would not shell themselves. And such arms with an opposite barrel do not exist.

I personally made sure and saw with my own eyes what war is. I can say: Yasinovataya and Kuibyshevsky district, Gorlovka, Avdeevka and the airport are shelled by Ukraine.

And today I get information from Donetsk about the resumption of fighting with new strength and the suffering of ordinary civilians.

P.S. Ukrainians, if you think the war will not touch you, because you are silent, you are wrong! On your territory there is already bloodshed, terrorism, robberies with lethal outcomes, murders that nobody can reveal, and much more.

The scary thing is that today the government is doing everything to cause chaos, atrocity, and destroy my beloved state.

Friends, see this story. I sincerely ask you to repost. I wish more people would see the real truth about this terrible civil war and its after-effects.

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