Armed Armenian opposition takes police building, hostages in Yerevan

Today in the Armenian capital

Rusvesna {“Russian Spring”}, July 17, 2016
Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

Snipers on rooftops and evacuation of the residents – a special operation in Yerevan

The Armenian authorities have begun a special operation to liberate the captured department of internal affairs building. Snipers from the National Security Service have been positioned on the roofs of nearby buildings.

It is reported that law enforcement officials have begun negotiations with the armed opposition group, which requires the release of their leader, who is accused of illegal possession of weapons.

Residents of houses located near the police station, where the gunmen are holding hostages, are currently being evacuated.

All entrances and approaches are cordoned off and closed. The cordon is maintained by significant police and internal security forces, including armored vehicles.

Yerevan Police have freed the two hostages.  Armenia’s National Security Service reported that in the attack one policeman was killed and two were wounded.

One policeman was killed and two others wounded as an armed group took over the police/internal troops building in the Erebuni district in Yerevan, reported the National Security Service of the Republic.

“One policeman was killed and two wounded. Two hostages have been released, ” according to the National Security Council.

It is noted that the two hostages were released via the measures taken by a special purpose crew. [Intriguing. No idea what this means! -tr]

Details about the death of the policeman were not given. “Law enforcement authorities are in full control of the situation and taking the necessary measures for isolation,” according to the National Security Service of Armenia.

On Sunday morning, a group of armed men seized the Police, Internal Troops building in Yerevan’s Erebuni district, in order to release Zhirar Sefilyan, the coordinator of the opposition Armenian civil initiative “Founding Parliament,” who is there under arrest on charges of illegal acquisition and possession of weapons.

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