Armenian “Maidan” Color Revolution surges

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July 27th, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

– Katehon with Fort Russ – 

Yerevan, Armenia

The standoff in the Armenian capital of Yerevan between militants of the radical opposition organization “Constitutive Parliament” and security forces is ongoing. The holding hostage of security personnel has given rise to the organization of street confrontations against the acting government in the style of the Ukrainian “Maidan.”

The standoff continues

The bandits continue to remain on the territory of the occupied police unit in the Erebuni district. Yesterday, they burned the fourth police car. They are still demanding the release of prominent warlord Jirayr Sefilianan and the resignation of the government. Rallies of the pro-American opposition in support of extremists are being organized nearby. Another march in support of the militants was held yesterday.

The risk of new attacks

The Yerevan TV Tower has been put under heavy guard which indicates that the government fears new armed actions. The elimination of the terrorists, most of whom are veterans of the Karabakh war, could provoke an increase in protests. On the other hand, leaving the terrorists with impunity would give a carte blanche to other armed groups. The Armenian authorities are faced with difficult choices.



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