Armenian protesters, demanding resignation of president, prevented by police from bringing in Molotov cockails


News/AM/Rus July 26, 2016

Armenian Police are requesting moving the rally supporting the besiegers of the police station away from Khorenatsi street to another site.

In a statement, the police noted that subsequent to the seizure of the police HQ a variety of protests were held which were not of a declared nature. [Understatement! –tr]

“During the protest on July 20 an armed group of people, overtly aggressive, brought with them stones and other objects, and attacked the police, trying to take away their equipment, leaving about 50 people injured.”

Police were forced to use special means for suppressing the riots, as they included threats to human life and health.

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Outside of that, as a result of the investigation that followed the attack on the police headquarters, it has become known that the group is being managed by outside personnel, carrying out criminal activity in order to create panic and disorder.

So, one of those ones arrested on July 21 tried to smuggle a grenade into the closed off portion of Khorenatsi street, but his criminal actions were prevented in time. Then on July 22 a citizen tried to deliver Molotov cocktal bottles to the same spot.

There is evidence that firebombs were intended to break the police cordon, penetrate the closed zone and getting weapons to the armed group inside. Based on the above, the Police of Armenia state that there is the immediate threat of a sharp aggravation of the situation at the closed section of Khorenatsi Street, which would entail unpredictable consequences.

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