Donald Trump says he will “look into” recognizing Crimea and lifting sanctions

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July 27, 2016 – 

RIA Novosti – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski

The Republican candidate for US President, Donald Trump, stated that if he is elected, he will “look into” the question of recognizing Crimea as part of Russia and lifting the sanctions on Moscow. 

At a press conference in Florida broadcasted on American television, Trump was asked if he was ready to recognize Crimea as Russian territory and begin to consider lifting the sanctions imposed on Russia.

“We’ll be looking at that. Yeah, we’ll be looking,” Trump said without going into detail.

Meanwhile, the official program of the Republican Party includes the preservation and possible strengthening of sanctions against Russia and not recognizing Crimea as Russian territory. 

The Republican nominee also stated that he would prefer to be friends with Russia so that “we can go and knock out ISIS together with other people and with other countries.” 

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Western media have gone into hysterics over Trump’s words on NATO and Russia.

The Russian parliament has already reacted to the words of this American politician and called for appraisals not to be rushed into.  

“Donald Trump is still a dark horse for us. He is popular now, ‘riding the wave.’ It is hard to say just how much we can trust his words, but time will tell,” the first deputy head of the International Committee of the Federation Council, Vladimir Dzhabarov, said to RIA Novosti. 

In Dzhabarov’s opinion, if Trumps claims victory in the election, then “it will be interesting to work with him.”

Member of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Alexander Babakov remarked that Trump’s statement can be welcomed, but should not be overestimated. 

“I think that this is most likely a pre-election promise. If he will declare it once he is in office, then it can be taken seriously. He must have authority in order to state such,” Babakov told RIA Novosti.

Earlier, Trump declared his readiness to build closer relations with Moscow. Russian President Vladimir Putin greeted these words by calling the candidate “a very talented and bright man.” 

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