Fifth Column: Meet the most blatant propaganda channel receiving funds from the Russian treasury


July 10, 2016 – 

Yuri Selivanov, NewsFront – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski

Moscow. Sunday, July 10th, 2016. 9:10 A.M. Live on the Russian state TV channel “Kultura” is the program “Insiders” produced by Euronews, the TV channel which works under the auspices of the European Union.

The program has been translated into Russian for the convenience of Russian audiences so that, so to say, its content can be best understood. And there really is something to understand here. Almost half an hour of the broadcast was dedicated to the most refined, blatantly one-sided, and totally biased anti-Russian propaganda.  

First, Euronews told us about the situation in Donbass. Naturally, only the words of the Kiev regime were heard. A flux of propagandistic slime about the treachery and barbarity of “terrorists” who are busy with savagely shelling the peaceful cities of Donbass flowed from the screen of this “objective and impartial” European channel.

Needless to say, there was not even an attempt to present the other side’s point of view. Not even an attempt. I am an old news anchor and I know all of these crafty gadgets. But not even giving an objective picture? We at least tried to touch on facts, but the other side didn’t want to cooperate with us. They don’t even think it’s necessary to be a good sport in a bad game! They just drive their custom-made, one-sided bullshit and don’t even blush.

As a “cherry” on this agitprop “cake”, the Russian audience is presented with a visit by Euronews to the so-called Azov battalion, that very group which even the US Congress knows is through and through Nazi. Mind you, they didn’t even go to some kind of military part of the official “Ukrainian army,” but straight into the Nazi lair slightly disguised as a structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Well, of course, where else in Ukraine can you find so many orators who know everything about “Russian aggression” and “bloody Putin’s Mordor?” 

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The trip to Azov was quite successful: all the regular shit about Russia was thrown on screen. And, of course, the main highlight was that Euronews’ interviewees from Azov were some kind of “Russians” fighting “against Putin and for Russia’s freedom.” This was basically an “arise, enormous country!” [from the famous Soviet song “Sacred War” – JA] for Banderites. And then there was another Croat, whom they clearly needed in order to show on whose side “correct” Europe should be. What a movie!

Having dealt with Ukraine, Euronews moved on to scare Russians with Russia itself. The next stop was Lithuania for the same anti-Russian agitprop like the Azov battalion’s. After all, it is Lithuania that is the epicenter of Russophobia and pro-American servility even in comparison to far from Russophile Eastern Europe. 

In Lithuania, as can be expected in the midst of insanity, everything bombards the ears. NATO military exercises are held in expectation of “that’s it, Russian tanks are coming!”. Of course, we don’t see any Russian tanks, but under every bush is a NATO tank or an armored vehicle. And once again the main speakers are Lithuanian soldiers of Russian origin. What a discreet hint from Euronews: “see, it’s not that Lithuanians don’t like Russians, it’s that Russians themselves don’t like Putin’s regime!”

And so on, all in the same spirit. If all of these anti-Russian cranberries grew on branches watered by Moscow “Rain” [a reference to the TV channel – JA] on the money of still living Berezovsky, then it would be a different story.

But in this case, we are talking about a Russian state TV channel named “Culture” whose daily morning news is entirely left to anti-Russian Euronews! Moreover, the Russian Federation is one of the official sponsors of the broadcaster, i.e., all of its emissions of anti-Russian miasma are paid for directly by the Russian treasury! 

I don’t know about you, but this is overkill for my brain. What kind of masochism is this? Why does the Russian government allow such propaganda fifth to be poured on it every day at its own expense? Maybe some will think: “well, our people are smart, can’t they handle it?” But what is the Russian people supposed to analyze if every morning, in pure Russian language, live on a Russian state TV Channel, it is told that Russia is an aggressor and that Russia threatens nearly the whole world, and that Putin is doing everything of the sort and more? Any normal people hearing this from their own government would inevitably come to the conclusion that this is the way things actually are.

What is there to win with such connivance with enemy propaganda!? Ukraine, in any case, has already been won over. Up to the moment of the coup d’etat, media bought by the Americans convinced everyone that Yanukovich was a shaped fiend and “Down with the bandit!” As a result, a 40-million strong people, completely brainwashed by alien propaganda, instead of defending their legitimate government which they themselves voted for, stayed home and watched their TV’s while a handful of Banderite thugs single-handedly took over the country. This is how it is done. Let us recall once again the famous phrase of Hitler: “My armored divisions go into enemy countries only after our propaganda deprives its people of the will to resist.” This is precisely what Euronews is doing in Moscow today. All the way to the end? 

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