Five Minutes of Common Sense: Akhmet Chataev is the West’s fault


July 5, 2016 – 

Ruslan Ostashko, PolitRussia – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski

It’s been a long time since the cynicism and double standards of Western media have surprised me, but in the case of the terrorist attack in Turkey, Western journalists broke all records. As you probably know, among the suicide bombers were citizens of Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. But here is what is really interesting: one of the perpetrators of the attack was a “human rights defender” famous in Western media. They fought for his release many times when this perpetrator was arrested in different countries on the request of Russian authorities. So when Western media and their human rights defenders struggled for his liberation, he was called a Chechen freedom fighter. But after he blew himself up in a Turkish airport, then the Western media suddenly called him a “Russian terrorist” and even suggested that Russian-Turkish relations will now be damaged due to the fact that a Russian committed a terrorist attack in Istanbul.

It would be a rhetorical question to ask if any Western journalists or diplomats have apologized for having pulled this terrorist out of prisons across the world. No one apologized, and I am sure that attempts will be made to put the blame on Russia for this terrorist attack. The point is that Akhmed Chataev, that very terrorist with a Russian passport, in his time received the status of a political refugee in the European Union, specifically in Austria. And now European authorities and European media have no desire to admit that they made a mistake. In fact, Human Rights Watch, Radio Svoboda, and even the European Court of Human Rights had fought for the extradition of Chataev. They never admit their own mistakes, but the “handshaking” Russian and foreign journalists will necessarily write a lot of sad articles about how the vicious and bloody Russian government brought this refugee Chataev to the point of participating in terrorist acts. 

Many European and American journalists adhere to the following theory. They argue that terrorism in the North Caucasus is the result of the dictatorial Russian regime which oppresses Muslims and leaves them nothing but to become terrorists. They write the same thing about ISIS in Syria, asserting that it is Assad, not the CIA’s fault, that vermin from all over the world are coming to Syria to wage a terroristic war under the banner of the “Caliphate.”

This is all bad news, of course. But there is something good in this. I have the answer to the question “when will it all end?”

It is already ending. A significant portion of ordinary Europeans, and even ordinary Americans, far from share the enthusiasm of Western media and political parties concerning the influx of such political refugees and freedom fighters as Akhmed Chataev into their countries. In addition, common sense and the instinct of survival are beginning to influence some key European and American politicians who are already achieving significant electoral successes. 

Brexit, in fact, was to a large extent the result of the fact that one specific country grew tired of the fake tolerance for political refugees who in the end often turn out to be terrorists. Something tells me that there will only be more of such countries. Every terrorist attack in Europe and every attack involving more “political refugees” will only hasten the day when terrorists will not be able to find refuge in European countries, but will be handed over to Russia and not defended by the media. It’s a pity that a lot of things still have to be blown up and a lot of people killed before this bright day comes. Because of this, I once again recommend that you vacation in the Homeland. It is patriotic, pleasant, and very safe. 

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