Five Minutes of Common Sense: Nice proves that it is Russia, not France, that is free and dignified


July 18, 2016 – 

Ruslan Ostashko, PolitRussia – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski

I am not going to paint my Facebook profile picture with the colors of the French flag even though I am genuinely sorry for all of the victims. I will also not gloat over this terrible crime. What I will do is remind you, dear friends, that I strongly advise everyone to vacation in Russia.

Sure, we might not have the best service. Sure, we often have inappropriate prices, a lack of infrastructure, and just our usual Russian mess. This is true. But vacation in Russia has one major advantage over Europe, Turkey, or Egypt. You will not return in a black bodybag from a trip to Russia. This is becoming the quite serious and important competitive advantage of Russian resorts in our time.

After the terrorist attack in Nice, I really wanted to look into the eyes of the eternally whining hipster urbanists who dump their clever ideas on Facebook every years about how “barbaric” are the methods by which the government ensures the safety of public festivals and holidays. Like Victory Day for example. Well, dear hipsters, is it not clear why the streets need to be blocked with trucks and checkpoints need to be put up everywhere and snipers put on the roof? I’m afraid that they still don’t understand. And I’m afraid of just how many people have to die at the hands of terrorists for them to finally appreciate the thoughtful concern put into our safety by Russian authorities and security services.

What’s more, the terrorist attack in Nice has once again revealed the complete incompatibility of Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s values with those of the majority of Russians. Here’s what Khodorkovsky wrote on his twitter about the terrorist attack: “My deepest condolences. France pays in lives, but it still remains a free country. This is the dignity of the nation.”

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I have the strong belief that a free country is one in which terrorists don’t kill its citizens. A free country is a country in which citizens can go watch fireworks or a show and be confident that they will return home alive. A free country is a country in which one can openly talk about terrorism without fear of “political correctness.”

Apparently, Khodorkovsky considers a sign of freedom to be the fact that French authorities ignored the requests of the mayor of Nice to strengthen security measures and even give police body armor. It turns out that Khodorkovsky’s “dignified nation” is a nation whose police officers go to important events without protection and a whole waterfront of a resort town is littered with corpses. This is a strange kind of dignity. 

The very idea of paying for such pseudo-dignity and pseudo-freedom by the corpses of ordinary citizens seems to me to be  bestiality. Apparently, we have quite different values from Khodorkovsky, since what happened seems to him to be something normal or even beautiful. But what else can be expected from the man who gave the order to murder the mayor of Nefteyugansk on his birthday? A cannibal is a cannibal. 

This terrorist attack will necessarily have political consequences. Many believe that the French will organize flash mobs on Facebook, paint flags on their profiles, and hold marches for peace across the entire world for eternity, but this is a misconception. The growth of Eurosceptic sentiment and the popularity of politicians like Marine Le Pen is guaranteed. 

The propaganda of multiculturalism, European integration, and political correctness work well only when blood is not flowing on the streets. The organizers of this terrorist attack are counting on a different reaction. They are relying on the fact that the French government, which recently allowed itself to deviate from the lines of “Washington’s regional advisors” will be fluffy and obedient and will advocate the strengthening of NATO, will pay for this, and will demand that Damascus be bombed and new sanctions be imposed on Russia.

But this won’t happen. The next administration that will come to power after the 2017 elections could be very naughty and completely withdraw from Washington’s influence. Maybe the new government will be strong enough to return real dignity and real freedom to France. Meanwhile, the French will be left being jealous of us, who have real freedom and dignity. 

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