Foreign Journalists Speak About Their Visit to Crimea

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

8th July, 2016

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After visiting the newly built Crimean bridge, foreign journalists went to the Peninsula to see how life has changed after the Crimean reunification with Russia. RT correspondent Egor Piskunov spoke  to the head of the Moscow Bureau of Deutsche Welle Yuri Resheto and the head of the Moscow Bureau of the KBS Korean Ha Jung-su. They shared their impressions about the new Crimea.

After the foreign journalists appreciated the importance of the construction of the bridge across the Kerch Strait, they were asked to explore the southern coast of Crimea. They visited the international children’s center “Artek” not far from Gurzuf.

According to the head of the Moscow Bureau of Deutsche Welle Yuri Resheto, who has been to Crimea before, the changes are obvious. In particular, he noted the improvement of roads and infrastructure.

He also added that this time he received journalistic accreditation in Russia. A well-organized trip gave him the opportunity to see much more than before.

“It’s not the first time I have visited Crimea. I work as a correspondent in Moscow and came here to cover various events and phenomena, both positive and negative, write about people and about life here. For example, we were doing stories about the power outage in the winter and on the Crimean Tatars. As I said, there is a lot of good and bad. This time I’m here at the invitation of the Russian Foreign Ministry, so we can see what could not be seen before as a regular correspondent,” said Yuri Resheto.

The head of the Moscow Bureau of the KBS Ha Jung soo, for his part, noted that the people he met were happy with the events. They think that they made the right choice.

“As a journalist I visited Crimea for the second time. I came here in October of 2015 to interview the local residents. Then, in Crimea there were serious problems with electricity. I asked the Crimean question: “You voted for or against joining Russia?” Many said that they voted for. Then I asked do they regret about it. They said, “No!” Such was the decision of residents of Crimea,” said Ha Jung-su.

He also noted that he felt safe in Crimea. Now the situation on the Peninsula is very comfortable, said the correspondent of Korean television.

On the question of which state he considers the territory of the Peninsula to belong to, the representative of KBS stated that he trusts local residents in this matter, who have made their choice.

Earlier, official representative of Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that some media refused the trip offered by the Ministry. She suggested that such agencies might simply not want to show their audience how things are really going in Crimea.

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