From Ukraine with Love: The real meaning behind the “march of FSB priests”

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July 12, 2016 – 

Konstantin Kevorkian, Facebook – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski

I never thought that I, as an atheist, would with such intense focus follow the procession now going to Kiev. The procession is going to the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra from two sides: from West and East Ukraine. The thousands-strong procession of people with icons and prayers for peace is full of profound meaning. Raging nationalists have called the event an “FSB provocation” and are racing against the marching “Moscow priests”, treating to disrupt, judge, and destroy…

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These savages don’t even understand something that is clear to an atheist. This holy procession means much more than the usual procession of the faithful. This is the last attempt of peaceful Ukraine to get through to the minds of the vampires killing the country, those who are persistently pushing it into religious confrontation, which is even worse than a civil war along territorial or class lines.

Religious wars don’t stop in a minute for treaties and agreements since there is only one true Judge for believers, and he is beyond earthly jurisdiction. Stopping a religious war is almost impossible. It can smolder for decades. And it is precisely such a war which we could get in the event of a provocation by the nationalists. The corrupt “nobility” in power simply don’t understand that the Church has seen hundreds and thousands of such, and that the Church’s experience stretches back centuries and has millions of believers. They want to “test,” provoke, and make mischief…

Mahatma Gandhi once led people to resist a regime by means of non-violence. Even a mighty global empire was then forced to retreat after realizing that indefinitely suppressing the will of the people and their higher meaning was impossible. This is not a petty struggle for visas or cheap shopping. Don’t take the fatal step: refrain from the temptations of provocations. 

And another important lesson, this time for those who, for the sake of peace of mind and comfort, so soon renounced Ukraine, Kiev, and their millions of countrymen and fellow believers. Here they are walking, unarmed, showered by vile language in the media. The majority of them don’t know what tomorrow holds, how they’ll be met in Kiev, or how large the impending danger is. Nevertheless, they are marching forward. Go meet them, at least in your hearts. 

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