Mateusz Piskorski writes from prison: “My arrest is one of the lesser offenses of those letting NATO start WWIII”


July 8, 2016 – 

Mateusz Piskorski’s Blog

Translated from Polish by Jafe Arnold (J. Arnoldski)

“You will never shut me up – don’t count on NATO!” 

As all of you surely know, I am still being held in the Detention Center on Rakowiecka Street in Warsaw. According to media reports, I have been allegedly accused of spying for Russia, China, and even Iraq. I have no doubt that any intelligent person knows what to think about such charges formulated in such a way. I have no intention of complaining or grumbling about my fate, and I know that one day the truth will come out and those responsible will suffer their deserved punishment. My arrest, however, is one of the lesser offenses of those who I have in mind. 

I have in mind those graciously ruling us with pseudo-patriotism who have with impunity allowed foreign troops onto Polish soil with the same rights as our national army (an oddity, as if something similar didn’t happen during the days of the Warsaw Pact!). I have in mind those people who, in the name of fighting imaginary communism (directed by Slawomir Cenckiewicz, a recipient of several scholarships in the USA), are doing their best to erase the glory of Polish soldiers who shed blood at Lenino, Kolobrzeg, and in Berlin. Finally, I have in mind those who, in the style of Balcerowicz’s pathology, want to make an even bigger brand name out of the former head of Bank of the West, Mateusz Morawiecki, one of the hardest lobbyists for the TTIP, the free trade agreement between the EU and USA. I don’t want to say that I am “surprised” by them, because, after all, they are headed by Beata Szydlo, whose website boasts of her training by the US State Department.

I was unable to smuggle a computer with internet into my cell, but many people have remained free (for now) who are trying to help me as possible and whom I have asked to continue my blog as much as possible. Dear readers, remember that being intimidated by my fate is the last thing anyone should do. We must fight by all means for a Poland free from foreign troops, a Poland pursuing policies of peace, and a Poland of social justice. 

Therefore, I invite everyone on Saturday, July 9th, at 16:30 to Castle Square (Plac Zamkowy) in Warsaw, where my friends are gathering to protest against the incitement of World War III by a gang of criminals who in the upcoming days will decide to expose Poland to being attacked. Our demonstration is legal and registered.

If anyone among you wants to help me or write to me, here is a brief guide developed by my friends:

1) Financial assistance

Any payment can be made to account number 80 10 10 1010 0401 9413 9120 0000

Recipient: Areszt Śledczy Warszawa Mokotów ul. Rakowiecka 37

Title: Piskorski Mateusz Andrzej syn Jerzego

2) Write a letter

Since all letters pass through the censor in the prosecutor’s office, sending mail to Piskorski requires sending the mail to the prosecutor. It is best to put the letter in an envelope addressed to: 

Mateusz Andrzej Piskorski s. Jerzego

02-521 Warszwa, ul Rakowiecka 37

Areszt Śledczy Warszawa Mokotów

Next, put a regular postage stamp into the envelope with the letter and put everything in another envelope addressed to the prosecutor’s office:

01-163 Warszawa, ul. Ostroroga 24E

Mazowiecki Wydział Zamiejscowy Departamentu ds. Przestępczości Zorganizowanej i Korupcji

(The overall envelope should also have a stamp). 

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