Nationalists Desecrate Russian Flag After Seizing Building in Kiev

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

7th July, 2016


Nationalists broke open the gates to the building of Rossotrudnichestvo in Kiev, and the city council Deputy Igor Miroshnychenko was among the attackers. Nationalists disrupted a presentation of a book by Ukrainian historian Petro Tolochko “From where Russian land came from” (original spelling). 78-year-old academician Tolochko was threatened with physical violence.

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The incident was reported by the head of Rossotrudnichestvo Konstantin Vorobyov. About 30 people from the radical “Svoboda” movement broke into the building of the Russian centre of science and culture (RCSC) even before the event. They occupied the hall where the event was held, and the nationalists shouted “Death to Russia, death to the invaders!”, “Here the book where there is only complete lies will be presented”. Nationalists blocked the staff of the presentation in the building.

“Threats of physical violence were made to the academician Tolochko, the building suffered minor material damage. Leading this group was well-known city council member Miroshnychenko,” Vorobyov told RIA Novosti. It is known that they desecrated the Russian flag and broke the Russian coat of arms. Now the radicals left the building, the police quickly took action. “Over the past two years this is the third such attack. Can’t say that it was aggressive, although they broke open the gates,” said Vorobyov.

The most remarkable thing is that no one was arrested. Nationalists were allowed to go home. The guards said that it’s simply hooliganism. “I specified in the explanations that there are all signs of hooliganism: slogans of anti-Russian content were voiced, all posters and banners having Russian attributes were torn, there were attempts to get into the office,” said the head of the representative office.

Earlier it was reported that the authorities of Odessa refused to defend the Consulate General of the Russian Federation from the nationalists.

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