(PHOTOS + VIDEO) Syrian special forces and Russian aircraft trap terrorists in Aleppo cauldron

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July 18, 2016 – 

RusVesna – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski

The Syrian Army is continuing its victorious offensive in the Aleppo cauldron.

Over the course of Friday and Saturday, the army managed to liberate new buildings and industrial enterprises captured by militants in the Al-Layramoun district in the northern part of the city of Aleppo.

The assault is being participated in by the elite 4th mechanized division of the Syrian Army supported by special forces, the Syrian Arab Army’s Republican Guard, Liwa al-Quds Palestinian militamen, and fighters from the National Defense Force.

The Syrian Army has occupied several factories and buildings in Layramoun at the strategically important roundabout. Troops are left with making the next step froward in liberating the northern sector of Aleppo.

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Layramoun is a strategically important area located between the neighborhoods of Al-Zahra and Al-Khalidia. After its liberation, it will not only be easier for government troops to control these 2 districts, but Kafr Hamra will also be within their reach. 

The Russian air force has played an important role in this offensive and inflicted several blows against the terorists in Al-Layramoun this morning. The Air Force of Russia and the Syrian Arab Army will not allow the gangs to establish a new supply route. 

Earlier it became known that militants attempted to alleviate their situation in the Aleppo cauldron by establishing a supply route to blockade Aleppo by bypassing the strategic artery of Castello cut off by Tiger Force special forces. 

This attempt by militants was harshly beaten back by the Syrian Army. Rocket strikes destroyed pick-up trucks equipped with heavy machine guns and ZU-23 anti-aircraft guns. The press service of the Syrian Army has reported that members of the crew as well as a bus carrying militants near the village of Abed Rabbo north of Aleppo, where the terrorists decided to bypass the Castello highway leading to the Layramoun district, suffered deaths and injuries. 

Update: On the evening of July 16th, a Tigers brigade reported that the Syrian Army had repelled a new offensive by the terrorists at the Mullah farm off the Castello highway involving suicide bombers who tried to break through government positions. 

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