Poroshenko: Moscow Staged a Genocide of the Russian-Speaking Population of Ukraine

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

5th July, 2016

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Russia staged a genocide of Russian-speaking residents of Ukraine. The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko announced this on July 5th during a speech in Slavyansk.

“I will never forget and I will remember to my last breath that February night, when I arrived in Kramatorsk after a brutal and shocking missile attack on a peaceful city, which then was located tens of kilometers from the front. On this city, Russian artillery and multiple rocket launchers were launched from Russian-controlled territories,” said the head of state.

He provided the shelling of Kramatorsk as an example of genocide of the Russian-speaking population from the Russia side.

“It was a terrible example of real genocide, launched by Moscow against the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine. Obsessed with its imperial delusions, she deliberately and ruthlessly sparked a war exactly where the vast part of Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine mainly lives,” the President added.

After that, Poroshenko suggested to observe a minute of silence in memory of fallen ATO soldiers and civilians of Donbass, “whose lives were prematurely ended because of the Russian attack on Ukraine”. 

Recall that about a year ago, Poroshenko claimed that the Kremlin staged a genocide of the Donbass population.

[O.R: By now most are familiar with the statements the US, OSCE, and Kiev make regarding shelling in Donbass. They accuse Russia of the very things that they themselves did. Journalist in Donbass Patrick Lancaster, in July 2014, witnessed firsthand Kiev’s merciless bombardment of peaceful civilians in Kramatorsk.]

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