Sergey Markov: Russian intelligence should watch officials blocking Russian team from Olympics

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July 25, 2016

Sergey Markov

Translated from Russian by Kristina Kharlova

Sergey Markov

Sergey Alexandrovich Markov (born. 18 APR 1958, Dubna, Moscow region, USSR) — Russian diplomat and public figure, political scientist, General Director of “Institute of political studies”, Deputy of the State Duma of the 5th convocation, a member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation, a confidant of President Vladimir Putin, candidate of political sciences, for several years he taught at the Department of Political Science of Moscow State University, professor of  political science at MGIMO University of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation, member of the Council on foreign and defense policy, co-chair of the Council for national strategy, president and founder of the international youth expert-political forum “Foros”.


What is the actual mechanism of the exclusion of the Russian national team from the Olympics in Rio? Members of the IOC, without any doubt, did not want to prevent the Russian athletes from attending the Olympic games in Rio. 

To exclude a great sports power – will cause a severe blow to the finances of the sport and its prestige, says Markov on Facebook.

However, all the IOC members are seasoned officials and businessmen and all engaged in various complex schemes, which can be called corrupt. 

So all of them were visited by American intelligence agents, as well as British and their allies who asked to expel the Russians, otherwise they will be personally expelled. 

What are the arguments? The facts about their personal corruption. That is, the decision on exclusion of Russia was made personally by mostly corrupt officials. 

Therefore, Russia’s proper response would be to promise everyone who wants to knock Russia out of the Olympics that their corruption schemes will be the business of Russian intelligence. Which can make it public. So sooner or later they will go to jail anyway. 

It will work much better than persuasion and appeals for a sport spirit. But if we don’t want the US and Britain to beat us, we must learn to answer.

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