Summer appeal: Critical situation, please help the Children of Donbass [+ Video]

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July 26th, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

– FB Patrick Lancaster – [email protected]

Food distribution in Saizevo, yesterday:

“We, the members of the Spendenaktionen für Novorossia, would like to thank Patrick Lancaster and his team for the great work. Together we are strong!!!!! “


Donate via Paypal to email [email protected]


Our team has done a major humanitarian aid distribution in Zaitsevo. This was our biggest and best distributing yet. All the families in Zaisevo have been horribly effected by the Ukraine war. 

We gave 900kgs vegetables, cooking oil, chicken, canned fish, bread, clothes, diapers and much more to one hundred families. 

We gave chocolate, toys and watermelon to all the children. It was a wonderful day. We did this with donations from people like you. The people of Zaitsevo and our team would like to thank everyone that has donated and give a special thanks to the people of the “Spendenaktionen für Novorossia” FB group and Fränzi Konrad for helping to make this possible. Thank you all we all did this together

(video below)

Please continue to help us help the victims of the Ukraine war all over Donbass by donating via

 Paypal to email 

[email protected]

Sberbank Russia Card number 4276 8801 9017 1656 

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