Ukraine in the Eternal Struggle of Light and Darkness

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July 30, 2016

RIA Novosti Ukraine

Andre Varja

Translated from Russian by Kristina Kharlova

Ukrainian politics is not really politics. Rather, it is an addition to quasi-religious consciousness in which the belief in certain tenets has completely suppressed reason, common sense and logic, conquering the thoughts and actions of people. 

In Ukrainian politics, everything goes through the filters of political and religious postulates, and those who do not worship the postulates, trying to refer to common sense, are exiled from Ukrainian politics. 

In the III century the Middle East produced a religious teaching known as Manichaeism. By the XI century it spread from North Africa right up to China, having absorbed not only the Christian-Gnostic elements, but also borrowing from Zoroastrianism and Buddhism. 

From the point of view of Manichaeism, the universe is an interplay of two initially alien and continuously opposing forces of Light and Darkness. Well, the very Manichaeism, in fact, became the doctrine about the struggle between Light and Darkness, Good and Evil. 

According to the Manichaean heresy, the world of Light is a sanctuary of peace, where there is unity, harmony and accord. This world is completely good – it knows no evil, it is spiritual, and all its creations are perfect in form and content. The world of Darkness is completely soulless, devoid of good and harmony, its creations are ugly, and it is restless and aggressive. 

Manichaeism argues that Light and Darkness had mixed, and teaches its followers to cleanse their bright nature of dark matter. Well, the end result of this cleansing should be a celebration of Light and Goodness over Darkness and Evil, when the remnants of matter, devoid of divinity, will perish in a universal fire.

I paid so much attention to the explanation of the main ideas of the Manichean heresy for a reason. The fact is that its dualistic, black-and-white doctrine is entirely imposed on the minds of a significant part of Ukrainian population, and the idea of total struggle between Light and Darkness completely dominates not just Ukrainian politics, but also society, economy as well as science and culture.

From the point of view of the official Ukrainian ideology, the modern world is composed of forces of Light and Darkness. The forces of Light are concentrated in the West and the forces of Darkness are embodied in Russia. And between them there is the irreconcilable struggle for life and death. 

The forces of Darkness are very powerful, omnipresent and extremely aggressive. Seeping into the world of Light, they are doing evil, being the cause of all the ills and misfortunes that take place there. The forces of Darkness, embodied in Russia is very insidious, dangerous and exist only for the destruction of everything good and light.

However, the forces of Light represented by Western countries are much stronger than the forces of Darkness. They are waging a relentless war with Darkness, which they will inevitably win. 

In accordance with the Ukrainian view of the modern world order, all of the current political elite of Ukraine worships the God of Light and Supreme Good – the United States of America, selflessly struggling with insidiously creeping on Ukraine and the West, Russian forces of Darkness, the terrible and powerful God of which is Vladimir Putin. 

From the point of view of the official Ukrainian ideology, Ukraine is part of the world of Light, where there is a unity of harmony and goodness. At the same time Ukraine is the main defense line, protecting the world of Light from creeping forces of Darkness. And since Ukraine is backed by forces led by the Almighty God of Light (USA), the victory of the Ukrainian “warriors of light” is inevitable, and predetermined. After the complete and final destruction of the world of Darkness, Ukraine will receive a huge indemnity of Russian territory, natural resources, economic assets and hundreds of tons of various tangible assets which the Ukrainian ‘warriors of light’ will transport from the dark territories as their rightful trophy. 

Interestingly, despite all the delusion of this Manichean ideology, entire domestic and foreign policy of Ukraine of the last few years follows it. Contrary to reality and common sense, the Ukrainian government has thrown the country into a real fire of the virtual war of Light and Darkness, resembling a mentally ill patient violently beating his head against the wall of his hospital ward in the name paranoid delusions. 

Interestingly, in strategic terms, Kiev has made a major bet on the idea of the eternal, raging battle of Light (Europe and USA) with Darkness (Russia), in which, from its point of view, Ukraine occupies a central place. 

Meanwhile our country was thrown into this battle without the necessary resources or some plan. Emphasis was on the fact that the resources and the plan the Ukrainian “warriors of light” will be provided by the West. Kiev was counting on the boundless Western resources supplied over an infinite period of the ongoing universal battle. With these resources, the Ukrainian government had planned to maintain Ukraine endlessly fighting the forces of Darkness, periodically telling the West about the horrors of the so-called ‘Russian terrorist invasion’, supposedly threatening Europe and the United States. 

Perhaps if this Manichaean scheme was in some way consistent with the effective reality, the “cunning” plan of Kiev could be successful, at least partially. However, because the universal battle between Light and Darkness exists only in the fevered imagination of Ukrainian politicians and trusting them Ukrainian public, the West has flatly refused to put Ukraine on eternal provision. In 2015 the financial tap was closed, and this summer it became clear that the financing of Ukraine will not resume. It does not make any sense for the West. This is why the IMF has clamped the previously promised credit.

Moreover, while Ukraine, acting as a vanguard of the forces of Light in the battle with the forces of Darkness, fiercely chopped all financial, economic and trade relations with Russia, driving itself into a militaristic hysteria and relentlessly cursing everything related to Russian “darkness”, the God of the world of Light in the face of the United States finely traded with the world of Darkness, and the European Union has undertaken maximum efforts to restore the collapsed economic and financial cooperation with Russian Darkness. 

In fact, at the moment, guided in their political actions by Manichaean political heresy, Ukraine has driven itself in the dead of isolation. On the one hand it has almost completely lost its Western support, but on the other hand, it almost completely severed all beneficial relations with Russia. And at the moment the official Kiev faces a full-scale problem of survival in a completely lonely and hopeless fight against the forces of Darkness without any external support of the forces of Light. 

Initially, Kiev hoped that, rushing to the battle for universal Goodness and Light, Ukraine will earn magical assistance and support of the God of Goodness and Light – the United States of America. However, in the middle of 2016 it became evident that even the Almighty God of Goodness and Light has turned away from Ukraine. 

Moreover, in early July it became known that the Almighty God of Good and Light actually is not so almighty. As stated by the US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt,

“Sometimes Ukrainians see us as more powerful than we really are. But we live here and now, in the real world, and the United States can’t do as much as they want from us.” 

Europe is already breathing the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions starting to slowly say that actually it’s not a “Russian terrorist invasion” but a civil war in Ukraine, fueled by Ukrainian neo-Nazis. It is expected that Europe will accomplish the lifting of sanctions and a revision of position on Ukraine, with all the consequences for Kiev. 

In fact, we are now witnessing the process of convergence of Light and Darkness, Good and Evil, breaking the basis of the black-and-white Manichean political dogma, cemented in the foundation of domestic and foreign policy of Ukraine. And Kiev has no clue about what to do in these new circumstances. It has no other concept, except the concept of the eternal battle of the forces of Light against the forces of Darkness. 

It will be especially difficult to explain the collapse of political Manichaean heresy to the ordinary citizens of Ukraine, many of whom deeply believe that all the troubles and misfortunes of their country are a consequence of the insidious “hybrid aggression” of the forces of Darkness, which Ukraine has valiantly confronted as the impregnable citadel of Light. 

It is possible that the inevitable meeting of Ukraine with actual reality after the collapse of the Manichean political illusions, will have disastrous consequences for the country and for the people.

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