Under Poroshenko’s Rule, Ukraine Has Become the Poorest Country in Europe

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

15th July, 2016


The degree of impoverishment of the Ukrainian population over the past two and a half years is tremendous. In Ukraine, according to the State statistics service, the average wage is $200 (a little less than 5 thousand hryvnia). But for many that do not have a salary or will soon lose it – unemployment in Ukraine is growing.

At the same time, in neighboring Belarus, the average salary reached $357, and in a poor Moldova – $254. Before euromaidan, Ukraine was overtaken in terms of GDP per capita by Moldova and almost reached the indicators of Georgia, but in 2014, the situation deteriorated sharply.

“GDP per capita is a comprehensive measure that characterizes not only the quality of life, but also the development of the country,” said the Executive Director of the Bleyzer Foundation Oleg Ustenko.

With the coming to power of Poroshenko and his entourage, Ukraine became one of the most backward countries in Eastern Europe. This is not true of the Ukrainian President, whose business is booming. Shops owned by Poroshenko’s “Roshen” are in fact the only objects that were built and appear massively after he came to power. Everything else is degraded and destroyed.

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If in 2013, 32% of the economy was in the dark, in 2014 this figure increased to 43%. Salaries are paid in envelopes, businesses do not pay taxes, resulting in revenues declining: there is not enough money for health care, education, road maintenance, and pensions.

The lion’s share of the already devastated budget absorbs military spending and the insatiable appetite of Poroshenko and his clique. Corruption in the Ukrainian regime is through the roof – it is recognized by all international experts. In this case somehow the promises to precisely establish peace in the country and to fight  corruption have already been forgotten, and the citizens at the time selected Poroshenko in one round.

But the Poroshenko regime is not for the development of Ukraine’s economy: he needs war.

“What are the real causes of this war? Very simple. A year and a half ago the people of Ukraine took to the streets, demanding to sign the Association Agreement with the EU. The whole country supported European aspirations. The only one who was against it was Russia. However, I do not ask for Russia’s permission to go to Europe. I ask the Ukrainians what they want. And they want to be part of the large European family,” said Petro Poroshenko in an interview with the BBC in May 2015.

And where is she, integrated into Europe? Where at least is the promised visa-free regime, which the same Moldovans have long had?

“We need to change the power in Ukraine and conduct a pragmatic policy in the national interest. As Poroshenko stands behind every one of his cents, we must stand for the Ukrainian economy,” sums up the MP of 5, 6, 7 convocations, member of Committee of Rescue of Ukraine Vladimir Oleinik.

It is time to stop the anti-Russian hysteria. We need to restore good neighbourly relations, sell products to Moscow, and use the transit routes of the Russian Federation for Ukrainian goods to the markets of Asia. A trade war isn’t necessary for anybody and, first of all, it isn’t necessary for Ukraine.

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