Video – Proof! Ukraine is shelling civilians in Donetsk


July 14th, 2016 ~ Fort Russ News ~
Patrick Lancaster – PLNewsToday ~ text: J. Flores

Video below – Reporting in Donetsk, independent journalist Patrick Lancaster shows clear proof that the shells which have hit Donetsk are coming from the UAF/ATO. This is demonstrated with a demonstrable, empirical approach using a simple/layman’s battlefield forensic approach, determining the origin of shells by the shell impact locations.

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These are important independent documentations, because it is clear that the OSCE will, in typical form, obfuscate the data and write in the passive tense, being unclear about ‘who’ fired upon Donetsk. 

The US continues to support the Kiev Junta in its war crimes and crimes against humanity, guaranteeing that the Kiev Junta does not have to submit to the terms of the Minsk II agreement, an agreement which was a strategic victory for the breakaway republics. 

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