Video: T-14 Armata blows away other MBTs


July19th, 2016 ~ Fort Russ News ~

– video translated by: Soviet Bear – exclusively for Fort Russ –

Voices in NATO speak louder and louder about deterring Russia. Tanks are the main force of the ground armies in our time. Let’s compare our T-14 Armata to its NATO counterparts and to the Chinese Type 99A2 and the Ukrainian Bm ”Oplot”. The T-14 ”Armata” is the lightest of all MBT’s, as we can see in the infographics, it weighs only 48 metric tons, therefore it is the fastest. Its maximum speed is 80 km/h (50 mph). 

The Armata is armed with a 125mm smoothnore gun, its calibre is superior to NATO tanks. Currently the first batch of these tanks is undergoing army tests and there is an order for 2300 of these tanks. 

The M1 “Abrams” is the US’s main battle tank, produced since 1980. It has one advantage over the ”Armata” – the ”Abrams” participated in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, this tank is outdated and requires replacement, in particular it has no ability to fire guided missiles. To this day, about 10,000 of these tanks have been produced. The Americans couldn’t produce more if they wanted to, because the facility producing the ”Abrams” no longer exists. 

The ”Leopard” 2A6M is a German made battle tank, operated by Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark, and Greece. Since 1979, over 3000 of these tanks have been produced. This expensive MBT i also obsolete, in particular the “Leopard” doesn’t have an automatic loading mechanism, which appeared on Soviet tanks in 1985. 

The BM “Oplot” was adopted in service by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in 2009. Designed by Kharkov Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau. Ukraine has only 10 of these tanks in total. In 2011 a contract with Thailand to supply 54 “Oplots” was signed and only 5 of these have been supplied to these day. 

The ”Challenger 2” is currently used by the British Army. Production of these tanks began in 1994. 400 tanks were produced in total. In 2009 the UK Ministry of Defense stopped procurement of these tanks, therefore BAE systems ceased to produce them. The “Challenger 2” tanks participated in Kosovo and Iraq wars, like all British tanks it is rather slow and only 56 k/ph (35mph) which is compensated the high fire rate of its cannon. 

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