A Firm Syrian Commitment: Putin proposes permanent Air Force Base

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August 9th, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

RIA – translated by J. Flores – 

Editor’s note: This development which occurs on the same day as the Putin-Erdogan meeting cannot be understood out of that context. We implore our readers to ‘connect the dots’ as we build our data set and publish an overall assessment at the earliest possible time. – JF

Today (August 9th), Vladimir Putin submitted to the State Duma a proposal on the permanent deployment of the Russian air group in Syria.

Moscow and Damascus in the last year agreed to the indefinite placement of the air combat group. The document has been approved by the Russian government, now the agreement must be ratified by the parliament.

Russia will have free use of the Hmeymim air base

The text of the agreement states that Russia has been donated the base, will have at its disposal the airfield Hmeymim with all its infrastructure. In this period, the deployment of Russian aircraft and helicopters is not limited.

Now it only remains to be determined the status of the areas immediately adjacent to the airfield, which will house the Russian military.

Russian VKS has been based in Hmeymim since the beginning of the operation against ISIS. 

The State Duma pledges support

Chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee Vladimir Komoedov already said that MPs would support this agreement with Damascus.

“Syria will be troubled for a long time, so it is necessary to keep the forces in combat readiness, as we have always kept Tartus as a supply point of our naval forces in the Mediterranean Sea, we are now adding the Hmeymim air base “,RIA Novosti quoted the deputy as saying.

Komoedov added that Russia is ready to assist the Government of Syria in restoring the integrity of its state.

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