After recognizing Crimea, Italian party announces exit from the EU


August 2, 2016

Translated from Russian by Kristina Kharlova

Italian party “Northern League” is the first political force in the EU to recognize Crimea as Russian. Its head, a member of the European Parliament Matteo Salvini talked about the thoughts of Italians about Brexit, the dictate of Brussels and Washington and the threat of terrorism coming from Libya.

According to Izvestia, the Italian party “Northern League” is the first political force in the EU to recognize Crimea as Russian. The party is rapidly gaining popularity.

Currently the League has 12 members in Italian Senate, 18 in the chamber of deputies and 5 in the European Parliament. The leader of Italian eurosceptics is very popular in Italy. 

According to him, recently, “The British have demonstrated that they do not accept the EU format. Their choice was pragmatic and in the interests of the British state. The British simply ran away from the bureaucratic monster in Brussels. If, or rather when the “Northern League” will come to power in Italy, we will immediately hold a referendum on Ital-exit. And I am confident that the majority of Italians will support the country’s withdrawal from the EU.”

Salvini also underlined that the Libyan catastrophe was a result of European policies. First to blame is the government of France and Barack Obama. In fact, the U.S. exerted direct pressure on European politicians.

“Italian government, in turn, continues to take in hundreds and thousands of immigrants. We need to follow the example of Hungary and Austria and close our borders. However, the Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi listens to direct orders from Brussels and Washington, which leads to disastrous and dramatic results for our country,” – said Salvini.

He added that the welfare state is no longer working as it did a few years ago: there is an economic crisis in Europe. This also affects the standard of living of Italians, so the government should take care first and foremost about the Italians, who have no jobs, or means of subsistence. 

“Italy is a country without political and fiscal sovereignty. What can the Italian government do, but to obey the dictate? If the next government will follow a sovereign line, then all these issues will be discussed, and the policy will be different – it will be in the interests of Italians,” – concluded the politician.

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