Another Savchenko hunger strike — but you’ll never hear about this one!

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Chroniques du Grand Jeu (The Great Game Chronicles)
August 3, 2016
Translated from French by Tom Winter, August 2, 2016

What haven’t we heard of the hunger strike of the poor and heroic Savchenko, locked up in the jails of the ogre Putin. For our small infiltrated corporate media, she was the muse of the fight for freedom against the Russian brutes, and no matter that she was a killer of journalists, and too close to neo-Nazi groups. 

Moscow shrewdly released her late in May (in exchange for two Russian instructors). Cleverly, because this free electron is totally uncontrollable and does not have a much higher opinion of the pro-Western oligarchs than the Russians themselves. The wily Lavrov warned: let it be a headache for Kiev. As for us, we wrote shortly before:

“And then there is the release of the raving mad, the neo-Nazi heroine of the Western media, the killer of journalists, Nadia Savchenko. In exchange, one must add, for two Russian prisoners that the Ukrainians accused of being agents of the GRU (not impossible). And there, the Kremlin may have played a very fine hand. Savchenko is a real psychopath and her return to Kiev is truly a poisoned chalice for the junta. Just landed at the airport, bare of foot and threatening of tone she declared her candidacy for president and spat on the “shirkers”. Her aura and her support of the neo-Nazi militias may well take her further, to the great dismay of pro-Western oligarchs each one more rotten than the next.”

What we foresaw was for the first time revealed just in the month of June when she threw a real brick in the works: make peace with the separatist Donbass! In Kiev, they kept quiet. In early July, she did it again when, with twenty fellow members, she held forth on the rostrum of the Rada, demanding an investigation into illegal offshore activities of Poroshenko. 

Chococlown has swallowed his Roshen and choked on it …

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And now she has begun a hunger strike aimed at ceasing hostilities with the Donbass and getting all prisoners released! A vast program, even if we had known the pasionaria was at least sensible (one could suppose her brain was washed — or grafted on! — in Moscow during her captivity). This is why you will, of course, not hear a word in our media.

All this does not at all help at all the affairs of Kievan junta. It can not survive, except with the program of the status quo and with difficulty even at that: continually demonize the bear to try to have people forget the unfathomable mess that Ukraine has turned into. 

The problem is that Savchenko is popular, or rather, the least unpopular of the post-Maidan leaders. Here are the current approval/disapproval ratings in percents:

Savchenko: 45 / 34. Sadovy (mayor of Lvov): 33 / 48. Saakashvili: 26/62 (how the devil does he still have 26% support?). Yatsenyuk: 06/87 (the man chosen by Nuland has to be the most unpopular leader in the world). As for Poroclown, his approval comes in at a whopping 19% positive opinion.

As we see, of all the clique stemming from the coup, she is the only one in positive numbers. And her new and amazing fight for the end of hostilities in the Donbass should boost her popularity: Ukrainians have had more than enough of the war. Another head-knocker for the Kiev junta.

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