Azov Nazis protest “Mariupol betrayal”

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August 27, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

RusVesna – translated by J. Arnoldski

Kiev has taken the decision to withdraw the notorious and scandal-prone “Azov special assignment regiment” from Mariupol and has begun to redeploy the militants to the Zaporozhye region.

Azov militants are furious at the decision of the National Guard of Ukraine’s command. They complain that they are being sent to inactive block posts and that Kiev is preparing to surrender Mariupol. 

This was discussed in Azov’s press service statement from August 26th: 

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We have resolved to clarify the situation surrounding the Azov unit. Azov is indeed being withdrawn from Mariupol. On the order of the command of the National Guard of Ukraine, which Azov’s special assignment regime is a part of, the unit was withdrawn to the Zaporozhye region 10 days ago to fulfill tasks that are absolutely unsuitable for the special regiment. 

The command of the National Guard of Ukraine couldn’t come up with anything better than to leave Azov soldiers on duty at inactive checkpoints and observation posts outside of the ATO zone. Earlier, this task was carried out by local Zaporozhye national guardsmen, mostly conscripts, who are now being sent to Mariupol to be on duty at ATO zone block posts.

The order to withdraw Azov from the ATO zone arrived shortly before the celebration of Independence Day, when the frontline city needed reinforcement. At this same time, the most capable unit was withdrawn on the order of the National Guard’s commander, Lieutenant General Yuri Allerov. 

This is being done at a time when the front line does not have enough people and those who continue to defend the Homeland on the front line are already morally and physically exhausted. What’s more, recently the situation on the frontline has been exacerbated and information has been received that Russia is concentrating its troops in the breakaway L/DPR and Crimea and is clearly preparing for an offensive.” 

At this time, Azov’s fighters are being sent to the deep rear. Perhaps this is being done in order to ensure that they do not disturb the authorities’ and Ukrainian National Guard command’s pro-Russian sentiment, who are ready to surrender positions and entire cities.” 

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