Churkin slams US hypocrisy in Syria: “Look at yourselves in the mirror!”

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August 22, 2016 – 

PolitRussia – translated by J. Arnoldski

It would be best if the international coalition headed by the US would “look itself in the mirror” before spreading provocative insinuations concerning the Russian Air Force in Syria to the UN Security Council. This was stated by Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, at a security council meeting. 

“Unfortunately, some of the Council’s members tend to hold incorrect or, frankly speaking, dishonest discussion. They drag provocative insinuations into the Security Council concerning the work of Russian air forces while remaining silent over their own unjustifiable actions,” he said.

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Churkin recalled multiple coalition airstrikes on Syrian cities and villages as a result of which civilians, including women and children, were killed. For example, the strike on the city of Manbij which killed dozens and injured hundreds of people.

“Aid was not afforded to the civilian population. The only case in which civilians exited Manbij on July 19th was accompanied by an incident in which an aircraft flew too low over a colony of refugees, injuring 200 people,” Russia’s permanent representative noted.

The other “blunders” of the international coalition headed by the US include the bombardment of the residential area of al-Ghandour on July 28th, whose victims included 28 people, 7 of which were children. 

“Since then, we are now discussing the humanitarian situation in Syria for the second time already, but we have not heard a single word by the coalition members on these events. I would like to call upon our Western colleagues: drop your rhetoric and look yourselves in the mirror more often, deal with your actions and the actions of those loyal to you. Then the number of tragedies in the world will diminish,” Churkin concluded. 

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