Consequences of Ukrainian (and French) propaganda about Crimea

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Ronald ZONCA, in Boulevard Voltaire, August 19, 2016
Translated from French by Tom Winter

One week ago the Ukrainian government launched terrorist operations on land in the Crimea. Fortunately, these attacks were thwarted by Russian security services. Unfortunately, the attempted inroad caused the death of two Russian soldiers. Since then, President Poroshenko has decided to build up the military in this border region. Ukrainian officials have washed their hands of terrorist actions by arguing that it was the work of uncontrolled elements. The members of the Ukrainian government do not even have a gut-level perception in shamelessly blaming their extremists: They forget that they owe their position to these same extremists supported by the West.

The purpose of these attacks was, just like in France, to undermine tourism. Yet to hear the Western and Ukrainian media, tourists had deserted the area …

The truth is a stream of tourists and an ongoing rise in economic activities — including tourism. Crimea has resumed its tradition of welcoming visitors, offering many summer activities right up to the traditional beauty contest on the eve of Navy Day.

Yuri Kondratiev, the organizer of this event, succeeded once again to present, before a large audience, young ladies certainly from Russia but also from Ukraine. While a charming and intelligent lady from Donetsk donned the pearl tiara of the Black Sea, our media donned their sleep masks and droned on with the imprecations dictated by their masters.

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And that’s the rub, because the authorities in Kiev are passing off the Crimea as a desert where there is but one wizened old potato for every ten starving people, and that in contrast with such misery, Ukraine is becoming a garden delights.

The main Ukrainian concern is that among the tourists visiting the Crimea, there are Ukrainian tourists who see the falsity of the regime: Upon their return to their country, these tourists will expose the lies of Kievan propaganda. Mr. Poroshenko and his Western backers can not let this information spread in the Ukraine that is economically terminal.

Similarly, the visit of the delegation of French elected officials led by Thierry Mariani helped unveil a much more smiling reality than presented to us by our media. This is the cause of the anger expressed in Kyiv and Brussels. The only eligible truth recovery loop by the media, is the fairy tale of democracy brought in to liberate the country from the clutches of evil Russia.

We see, then, the role of media responsibility when they make themselve into a channel for propaganda. By the information imbalance, they further the concealment of facts and push the authorities of a country toward desperate actions to be able to keep lying to their own people.

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