DONi News Agency delivers aid to Donbass victims and truth to the West


DONi News

August 10, 2016

As part of Fort Russ commitment to support humanitarian efforts in Donbass we will inform you about reputable organizations you can entrust with your donations. DONi News Agency is well positioned to assess need and deliver aid through its network of field correspondents and local volunteers.


Janus Putkonen, Donetsk City

Project for SaveDonbassPeople

The non-profit media NGO-organization DONi Donbass News Agency and International Press Center has been part of the efforts to promote issues concerning humanitarian needs and information in Donbass since the news agency was founded in Donetsk in July 2015. DONi News is officially authorized in both Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republic.

With project SaveDonbassPeople, DONi has been working as coordinator of foreign humanitarian aid efforts and operating a newspage All humanitarian missions and wider operations are coordinated and authorized by DPR officials and activities are transparent. SaveDonbassPeople has channeled aid funds from countries like Russia, Finland, Belgium, Italy, France and Canada for those who are in greatest need in Donbass war zone.

SDP program has helped mostly frontline villages, like Zaitsevo and Gorlovka, shelled by the Ukrainian side, delivered money and food directly to homes with children. Several projects have included donations for schools, kindergartens, orphanages and hospitals. In several cases the money has been used to buy new windows or restore other damages from artillery strikes. SDP has also delivered medications to local hospitals and books for schools. All these actions are diligently documented.

SDP has arranged an efficient process of funds transfer from its Moscow office to offices in Donetsk People’s Republic to be allocated in the field. Official cooperation with administration, Defense ministry and Ombudsman’s office guarantees full awareness of high priority needs and DONi correspondents can deliver targeted help directly to those in need. The current greatest need is window repair and we can expect that need to grow as winter approaches. Also, some hospitals are in need of specialty medications, like cancer medications for children’s hospital.

DONi News

DONi News Agency offers all donors full and transparent expense records. Donors can allocate sums as they wish and DONi will coordinate secure deliveries of donations. DONi is stuffed with trusted international media volunteers and local staff.

SaveDonbassPeople Director: Janus Putkonen, citizen of Finland

[email protected], +380 957 140 437

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