Gülen seen as a code-word for US instigation of the failed Turkish coup

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Kharkov News Agency, August 14, 2016
Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

Gülen as a screen: US sentenced Erdogan to death [Original headline]

Аnkара will not compromise with Washington on the issue of Gülen, who is accused of the attempted coup. According to experts at the “Kharkov,” Gulen serves as a cover story for Recep Erdogan from the US, which he sees as a threat to him personally.

Earlier, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said that Gülen as a “the head terrorist” should be extradited. “There can be no compromise, except for the delivery of this chief terrorist to Turkey, where he will be punished,” said Yıldırım.

According to him, there is only one way to prevent the growth of anti-American sentiment in Turkey and that is “to hand over that person and make sure that the Turkish justice system brings him to justice.”

The Search should be in America

Gülen is an operetta figure. It is unlikely he was involved in the coup, said political analyst Andrei Manoilo. “Islamist preacher and top military planner are too different categories.”


“To present that Gülen from the United States, where he lives, led the generals, among whom the plans, regulations, and procedures were formed – this is nothing more than an anecdote. Gülen correlates with the coup only by location. Thus, Erdogan, by exhibiting his political opponent as the coup leader, ties the planning to the US,” says the expert.

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By the way, Erdogan earlier was urging the United States to choose: either Turkey or Gülen (or more precisely, the Gülen organization FETO).

“Sooner or later the US will have to make a choice. It’s either Turkey or FETO. It’s either FETO planning terrorist coups FETO, or democratic Turkey. They will need to make a choice,” said Erdogan at a rally of his supporters.

All actions of Erdogan against the United States – namely the escalation of the conflict, direct statements, and charges – are a direct consequence of the attempts of Americans to remove him from his post, said Andrei Manoilo.

There won’t be any letting up 

Because the States are behind this rebellion Erdogan understood this signal is quite true – that the coup attempt was aimed at his removal. Moreover, the US, despite the fact that the insurgency failed, is not backing off. They will still try to remove Erdogan, maybe later, maybe in another way, or the same way, only more carefully prepared.

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