How Putin raised the national birth rate [Video]


August 11th, 2016 – Fort Russ News –

RT – by Inessa Sinchougova 

The United States is the only developed country in the world that does not guarantee paid parental leave. In Russia, it is the law to provide 20 weeks (or more, in case of complications) of paid leave, at 100% of the mother’s salary. It is time for US citizens to start questioning the wellbeing of their own country, before labeling other world leaders “tyrants” and “dictators.” 

In this clip, a woman inquires with President Putin in regard to the possibility of a “mother’s salary”, for the difficult task of raising multiple children. The Mothers’ Assistance Programme has been active in Russia since 2007 and can be accessed by any family that has two or more children to raise. Either mother or father can apply, and in the case of the child being adopted, or from another marriage – the primary caregiver and applicant parent, does not need to be a Russian citizen. The Programme can be utilized toward almost any cost to do with raising children; from funding toward mortgages, rental costs, the child’s education to any level (up to the age of 23), and medical costs. 

Meanwhile, it does not take a far-Right extremist to see that there is a white-race genocide taking place in Europe; not a violent one, but simply a development that stems from cultural norms. Not only are European immigration policies unsustainable for native races to remain the majority in the future, but the added possibility of polygamy becoming legal for Muslim migrants in Europe actually ensures that future.

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Blue line – birth rates 

Red line – death rates

Green line – natural increase in population 

1991 divide – Collapse of USSR

After the collapse of the USSR, Russia experienced one of the worst demographic crises in the developed world – death rates outstripped birth rates in their millions, and the only balancing factor was labour migration from former Soviet republics. Some predictions were so dire, that the most pessimistic of analysts thought there would not be a Russian race in the next century. Today, Russia allows for women to stay at home and raise multiple children, if that is their vocation. Almost 5 million multi-child families are utilising the Programme, with over 90% of payouts going toward housing, in which to raise children.

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