Human Trafficking: Ukropian Business is Booming

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August 6, 2016 – 

Anna Shershneva, Novorossiya – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski

(in Ukrainian) “Human trafficking – it can happen to anyone” 

Has the OSCE begun to see the light? No, they are continuing to ignore war crimes committed by Ukrainian militant bandits. But international public organizations have decided to attend to the problem of increasing trade turnover, that is, the turnover of “human trafficking” on the territory of former Ukraine. The reason for such sought by those concerned is in ongoing hostiles which have completely lost sight of their original mission. Over the past few years, human trafficking, which already had its place in former Ukraine, has flourished.

In a piece by Andrey Samoylov on Politchaos, the opinion of OSCE Special Representative and Coordinator for Combatting Trafficking in Human Beings, Madina Jarbussynova, is introduced. She calls the Ukrainian authorities and law enforcement’s efforts against human trafficking extremely limited and weak. This is no surprise if one considers that the ranks of the “keepers of Ukrainian law” themselves are often made up of former militants from the Maidan hundreds, the homemade punitive “battalions,” and criminals released according to “Savchenko law.” The ongoing punitive ATO operation on the territory of Donbass is a wide field of action for such “business.”

The OSCE’s special representative noted frequent cases of kidnapping, such as the recent incident in occupied Marinka

The urban and rural residents of the republics of Novorossiya are being kidnapped under any pretext and taken to unknown destinations. Traffickers are practically provided assistance by security officers and “government representatives” in the former Ukraine, which means that investigating such incidents is almost impossible.

On virtually the entire territory of “independent” Ukraine, residents often become the victims of slavers after believing their promises. After all, the standard of living has become much worse over the past three years, not to mention unemployment. If there is work, then there’s simply no money to pay, and cutbacks are rampant in all regions. In view of this situation, the ordinary citizen can easily agree to any kind of “dubious” proposal and then find himself in slavery.

The resurgent slave trade is linked to the huge number of weapons located throughout the country that have spread from the arsenals of the UAF, punitive battalions, and the National Guard from the “punitive ATO zone.” Once they get their hands on weapons and get some military “training” from the ATO without winding up buried in the soil of Donbass, criminal elements work their way through the provinces and take over “defending people from separatists” from the once-existent state, and traffic humans under the noise of rattling weapons.

For Maidanized Ukraine, the pursuit of visa-free Europe has become a trap to the point of collapse. 

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