Kiev city councilman regrets Maidan


August 23, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

RusVesna – translated by J. Arnoldski

The Ukrainian journalist, TV presenter, head editor of the Gordon Boulevard newspaper, GORDON project manager, and since 2014 deputy of the Kiev City Council, Dmitry Gordon, uttered words live on Ukrainian TV that are unthinkable for any Ukrainian patriot: “It would have been better if Yanukvoich stayed in power.”

“If I had known that tens of thousands of people would die or come back maimed, I never would have gone out on the Maidan,” Gordon confidently declared….

The TV host could not contain his shock: “You are saying this as a representative of the president’s bloc in the Kiev City Council?”

“Yes, you’ll understand,” Gordon urged, “our problem is not Putin, but ourselves! Our people are simply shocked by how much the present regime steals. In comparison to them, Yanukovich looks like a kid!”

“My country is me and my family. If you’re not an animal, then do something for your country and for yourself,” Gordon concluded. 

Dmitry Gordon is famous for constantly changing his political drift whenever there is the slightest change in wind. For more than two years, this former servant of the Yanukovich regime loyally served the Maidan and joined the offices of the Kiev government. Now he is allowing himself to make such seditious statements. Perhaps Gordon knows something that he doesn’t want to inform the readers of his own newspaper? 

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