“Embarrassing Soviet heritage”: The only one Ukraine has

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August 24, 2016 – Fort Russ News –

– Alexander Dubchak, PolitNavigator – translated by J. Arnoldski 

Today’s parade in Kiev resembled a feat before a plague. Not only could the commentators not tell the truth but, more precisely, the author of their scripts couldn’t do without traditional fairy tales…Particularly impressive were TV presenters’ concluding phrases: “What is fundamental is that these weapons were largely produced in Soviet times and provided for by the components and elementary base of the entire USSR, and mainly Russia, almost exclusively at the expense of domestic production.”

It’s difficult to understand the pathos in all of this and where the truth is. Finding any Ukrainian technology or vehicles at the parade is difficult. There were Gvozdika artillery systems (XT3 from 1969), Msta-S (OKB-2 Ural transport automobiles from 1989), Akatsiya’s (Ural transport automobiles from Factory 9 from 1971), Pion’s (from the Leningrad Kirov Factory from 1975) returned from storage, modernized T-64 Bulat’s (former Soviet T-64’s, XT3M’s from 1973), etc. etc. 

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All of these are the legacy of the USSR’s military-industrial complex. The Soviet Union was such a great power that for its 26th anniversary of “independence” Ukraine is proudly showing Soviet achievements and can’t even resist attributing such merits of their ancestors to themselves – the achievements of the period and people whom Ukraine so stubbornly denies.

Today’s military parade in Kiev was a real failure of the “de-communization” campaign.  Mind you, the live broadcast ended with a stunning review by the TV host, who uttered the words “we don’t need anything foreign.” It’s as if they couldn’t even say “it’s ours” or is “still being de-communized.” 

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