KSA’s ISIS kill 60 in Yemen [+Video]

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August 30th, 2016 – Fort Russ News –
– RT with Marwa Osman, text J. Flores –

Saudi backed forces of ISIS have killed 60 in an attack in the port city of Aden, Yemen, which has been invaded by Saudi regular forces as well. Middle-east expert Marwa Osman gives a concise overview of the nature of this attack, and explores some of the factional infighting between several Saudi-backed groups. 

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Riyadh is using ISIS as another proxy army to achieve its goals in Yemen. But the ISIS attack was upon a separate Saudi backed force, which Osman describes as being the product of a localization of the conflict, where various semi-autonomous fighting units are at odds with each other over control of Aden. 

ISIS is a proxy army of mercenaries being used to bring about regime change, which Osman has described since 2011, based upon the ideology of Wahhabism, with the support of the Saud monarchy in Saudi Arabia. The KSA, she explains, has no other choice. They are losing in Yemen, and have lost a lot in Syria, and even in Iraq the KSA is losing its diplomatic footing all together. US and UK advisers inside of the Saudi capital of Riyadh are working alongside the Saudis to most effectively coordinate their combined war aims.  

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