London ‘Terrorist’ Attack? Or just a random event?


August 4th, 2016 – Fort Russ News –
RT interviews Marwa Osman – Text by J. Flores for Fort Russ –

Sometimes a pen is just a pen, and just because a nineteen year old Norwegian of Somali origin, in an apparent psychotic episode, killed one and injured five, doesn’t mean one should assume that this was a ‘terrorist’ attack.  

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Certainly this past year in Europe has been filled with more terrorist attacks in this short time span, than it has experienced in any number of decades. 

It reminds us of the period in the 1970’s, where US-NATO intelligence backed terrorist cells, under the GLADIO program, carried out a long series of terrorist attacks in Europe. The idea here was to create the social and political culture to increase the powers of the police, and to create the conditions for a police state. And this is precisely related to the very prescient point about future events that Ms. Osman is able to describe. 

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