NATO’s list of demands for Russia

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August 4th, 2016 – Fort Russ News – – translated by J. Flores – 

This is what the West, as well as some enlightened citizens in Russia, who call themselves ‘free people’ and who wish our country only good, demand from Russia: 

1. Lift the siege on Aleppo. 

2. Do not kill terrorists worldwide, which receive funding from the United States, Qatar, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. 

3. Do not interfere with the laying of gas pipelines from Qatar to Europe. 

4. Do not obstruct the US Navy from amassing a fleet in the Black sea close to the Maritime borders of Russia. 

5. Return Crimea to their puppet Ukraine, in order to station a NATO fleet and missile bases there. 

6. Do not lay gas pipelines to Europe. 

7. Do not stop Ukraine’s blackmailing Russia for gas transit. 

8. Do not demand payments of debts from Ukraine. 

9. Do not interfere with the placement of NATO bases in Georgia and Ukraine, on Russia’s borders, and along with this to refuse support for Donbass. 

10. Do not interfere with the work of foreign ‘charities’ and NGO’s. 

11. Do not declare those Russian mass media outlets to be foreign agents which are receiving financing from abroad and acting in the interests of other countries. 

12. Do not oppose the Russian opposition, requiring the government to concede to the West everything it wants 

13. Do not take actions that prevent the domination of the dollar around the world. 

14. Do not enter into international agreements that intend to limit the reach of the US’s global control. 

15. Do not increase military expenditure. 

16. Do not build the Nicaragua canal. 

17. Do not interfere with American ambassadors engaged in spying on Russia. 

18. Do not seek to rebuild ties with former Soviet Republics. 

19. Completely pull back from the North Caucasus. 

20. Do not interfere with republics inside of Russia Republics pushing for the democratic right to self-determination and secession from Russia. 

21. Do not interfere with Siberia and the Far East and the ‘help’ they are receiving from the ‘international community’ in determining the issue of their statehood.

23. Do not interfere with Kaliningrad’s secession from Russia and becoming a member of the EU. 

24. To generally, as much as possible, close Russia until the end of time. 

25. Do not forget to hand over their nuclear weapons to the UN and NATO. 

26. Treat mineral reserves fairly which only happen to be in what was once Russia, and to hand them over to be managed by the global democratic community. 

By not listening to these legitimate  and democratic demands from the peaceful world community makes one a tyrant and a despot, a dictator and enemy of democracy. Any country that empowers such a tyrant is either subject to re-education, or to be eliminated, and whatever remains should just be controlled with wine, tobacco, pornography, education reform and pharmaceuticals, and a ban on ideology.

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