New Evidence Shows Hillary is a War Candidate

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August 3, 2016

Mikhail Khazin, economist

Translated from Russian by Kristina Kharlova

Recently the German magazine Spiegel published an article that exhaustively detailed the activities of one American, who since 1985 traded intel about Soviet and then Russian military threat. He especially intensified his activities after the events in Ukraine in 2014. He had direct access to NATO senior military leadership and aimed to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine at any cost. 

During the process of negotiations, which were discovered by Spiegel and confirmed by this crook, it was stated that two people were behind the push for transformation of the internal conflict into a total war – Obama and Merkel. In order to unleash a full-fledged war, all kinds of false evidence was used. For example, this crook presented the photos of Georgian war of 2008 as images of Ukrainian clashes. 

This situation is very significant, and especially revealing are the actions of Ms. Merkel, which demonstrated how powerful today are the people who want to start a full-fledged conflict. I note that these people openly express their support for Hillary Clinton, who, in their opinion, follows the correct and extremely harsh line. 

Further, it is confirmed that among the armed forces of the United States there is a very determined wing aimed at the escalation of the conflict, and for this they are ready to falsify anything. The supply of weapons through Europe was supposed to be aided by Poland, but it did not happen only because Poland set very strict conditions for the exchange of old weapons for the new weapons. 

Another important point demonstrated by the article in Spiegel, is a split in Western elites, which today reached a stage of acute conflict. The entire article in such a prestigious publication is built on the bare facts, and this shows that in Germany the forces that want to prevent such a scenario now play an increasing role. 

If we do not want a big war, first in Ukraine and then in other neighboring countries, we must decide who we stand for – for the force or the truth. And if we assume that in Russia there are forces which support Hillary Clinton, for example, among our government, then we need to be aware that these forces are pushing us into a major war.

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