Poroshenko on CNN: “Putin wants the whole Ukraine”

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August 25th, 2016 – Fort Russ News –
– Rusvesna – translated by: J. Flores –

Yesterday, on the day of celebration of the 25th anniversary of independence, Poroshenko gave an interview to US television CNN, in which he stated that Vladimir Putin wants to restore all of Ukraine in the “Russian Empire”.

“Russia does not need Donetsk or Lugansk – they need all my country as part of the Russian Empire,” – Poroshenko said.

He also stated that the sole purpose of the Kremlin – is the destabilization of the situation in the world.

“This is absolutely the same situation as the Russian bombardment of Aleppo: the goal is the same, the world needs to be less stable and less secure. And I am convinced that the Russian aggression in the east of my country and the Crimea completely destroyed the postwar system security, “- Poroshenko continues.

Not clarifying the truth, what he meant by “post-war”: it probably refers to the war in Yugoslavia, Libya or Iraq [sarcasm – ed].

In addition, Poroshenko told the American television show that even 25 years later, the struggle in the Ukraine for freedom, democracy, sovereignty and territorial integrity continues on, and that the United States, “as the world leader, should be shoulder to shoulder with us to fight for global stability.”

During an interview Poroshenko once again accused Moscow of interfering in the war in Donbass, immediately saying that he personally “only last week lost 13 of his soldiers.”

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