Putin: How America checkmated Russia [Video]


August 20th, 2016 – Fort Russ News –

Various – by Inessa Sinchougova 

Oh, you thought the Ukrainian conflict was about “democracy and freedom”, and the Ukraine’s potential entry into the EU? The US-funded government coup in the Ukraine was about preventing the economic integration of the Eurasian Union, that could rival that of the EU and its Atlanticist masters.

Russia spent 19 years with the WTO to come to a fair consensus in regard to its various trade agreements, of which Ukraine was one of its main trading partners. Does the US care about international law, or even the rule of law? Only as a front to the media, which sells such “values” to the citizenry.

Putin alluded to the potential economic reintegration of Ukraine and Russia back in 2010. However, the US quickly instigated the Kiev coup in 2014, where all of the aforementioned agreements were thrown out the window, and to be replaced with US goods and services. I doubt you heard about any of this in The Guardian, or the other loudmouth media outlets.

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The Ukraine was once a powerhouse of the Soviet Union, producing wheat and grains for the entire superpower of 300+ million people. Today, the Ukraine is about to be turned into a GMO dumping ground by Western companies, at the discretion of Poroshenko- nee Waltzman.

I call this a “check” on behalf of Western powers to Putin – but the “mate” is yet to come.

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