Russian Doping Scandal: the Motive

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August 10, 2016

Marcus Godwyn, Facebook


There have been many excellent articles written on this leading up to and after the IOC decision not to impose a blanket ban on all Russian athletes participating in the Rio Olympics and I see no purpose in repeating the same facts over again. I have a few extra observations to make concerning the reasons why this is happening. I recommend: Andrey Fomin…/the-olympics-as-a-tool-in-the-n…/: Alexander Mercouris:…/: and The Saker:…/

In case you have not heard what the western MSM is not telling you, I will just outline the most important points which are being omitted or distorted by the western, media, sports bodies and politicians alike. 


All Russian athletes have for the last seven months been tested not only by their own anti doping organization BUT BY THE BRITISH ONE TOO at some considerable expense to the Russian tax payer. Any Russian athletes that made it to Rio are the squeakiest clean of the squeaky clean.


The so called WADA report which claims that Russian doping is “state funded” and which is being reported universally by the western media, politicians, sports bodies and even some athletes as a serious, proven indictment is, in fact based on nothing more than the hearsay of one individual who is a wanted criminal in Russia on anabolic steroid trafficking charges and who has shown signs of mental instability and has tried to commit suicide and who is now “in hiding” in the USA. 

It contains not one jot of serious proof or evidence at all! I repeat; NOT A SINGLE PEACE OF EVIDENCE OR ANY FACT that would stand up in a court of law for more than a few seconds. NO Russian athletes or sports officials have been questioned, cross examined and hence given any chance to defend themselves or present any of the totally lacking FACTS essential to a fair process.


The so called, by the western press, “brave whistle blower” and her husband are convicted dopers who’s careers had collapsed until they joined this US lead campaign to get the Russian team banned from the Olympics. All three individuals are connected and the whole case is built on them and nobody and nothing else. They are also resident in the US. See above articles for details.

In my opinion this plot, for that is clearly what it is, was hatched way back in 2014 when the US and EU were seething with anger that the main goal (albeit one out of many) of their illegal putsch in Ukraine, that is the occupation of Crimea and the capture of the Sevastopol Russian naval base and its takeover by NATO, had been thwarted. 

At the time the main motive was, as with all the other western plots concerning Russia, regime change in the Kremlin to a western puppet who will hand over Russia’s natural resources to the western corporations that constitute the military industrial complex and aid instead of resist US corporate hegemony over the whole world . 

The idea was that if Russia can be shut out of the Olympics then famous athletes, politicians and the public will turn on the government and Vladimir Putin and blame them and above all him and a palace coup or a colour revolution can be staged as in Kiev or as the west managed to pull off in 1917.

Everything The US and their EU vassals have tried has had this one overriding motive behind it and everything they have tried has not only failed but had the exact opposite effect. The now exposed and busted Magnitsky plot banned dozens of Russian officials from traveling to the US because of their supposed hand in accountant Magnitsky’s death in prison. 

The idea being that these people are all so corrupt and treacherous that the minute they can’t access their Manhattan apartments or Florida villas they would turn on Putin and stab him in the back. It didn’t happen. Then came the sanctioning of even more Russians, this time from travel to the EU and Japan as well as the US, after the Crimean referendum and reunification with Russia. 

Far from stabbing Putin in the back or even blaming him these officials rallied behind the leader and the country. There was criticism, public and private but not for resisting the west but for being too accommodating and for not having better prepared to resist the west’s onslaught. The economic sanctions were supposed to have the same effect on the general population but again it has had quite the opposite effect. Russia is now consolidated as almost never before and the west less popular and less respected in Russia than ever before.

Given these facts I think that the instigators of the doping plot hardly believed when they set it in motion about six months ago that it would ever deliver them regime change in Russia. So why did they do it? Sheer spite” Well yes I do believe that is one of the reasons. Another is almost certainly an attempt to maintain or tighten the, now utterly corrupt west’s hold on international sports governing bodies but more urgently they wanted to prevent Russia having any positive publicity in the world, something they manage to do in North America and Europe by their total control of the media. 

In the western world today the only people who know anything worth knowing, apart from the ruling elites themselves of course, are those who get their information online. Were the Olympic games taking place in The US, Canada or Australia etc I’m sure they could be confident that Team Russia would be loyally booed by the crowd most of whom would have their “opinions” formed by the western MSM. 

This was being discussed very seriously by the BBC journalists on TV after it was announced that Russia would not face a blanket ban. “Would the poor athletes be able to stand the psychological stress of being booed by the public? Maybe it would be kinder to ban them for the sake of their own mental health, poor dears” etc. in spite of the fact that much of the media in Latin America is as I understand under western control, I’m not at all sure however that in Brazil, that is going to happen. In my opinion the western elites are petrified that team Russia might get a very positive response from what will obviously be a largely Brazilian and Latin American public.

There can hardly be a single country, big or small south of the US Mexican border who’s government has not been regime changed by the US at least once including most recently, Brazil itself. The peoples of those countries have little reason to love the US. They know perfectly well that they are kept in semi-poverty, sometimes abject poverty by the manipulation of the US dollar hegemony financial system and that the huge potential of that continent is stymied and thwarted by the profoundly anti free-enterprise machinations of the US and its EU vassals. They have watched over the last 3 years how Russia has withstood the onslaught of US, EU hybrid war and has won on every count (apart from the fact that Ukraine remains fallen).

I can’t help feeling that Russia and Vladimir Putin are likely to be rather popular in Latin America and the leaders of the western world do not want that to be visible on western TV screens. I remember at the opening ceremony of the London games, when the Russian team was announced and entered the stadium, the BBC coverage immediately switched to other teams already inside and didn’t give them the same exposure as everybody else and the hybrid war has hotted up enormously since then.. Assuming team Russia marches in the opening ceremony I would bet that Soros, Nuland et al are furiously trying to recruit “professional” paid booers in Rio right now! 

I remain less optimistic than some about the creation of a troika, all three from NATO countries, Spain, Germany and Turkey. Apparently they have a Nero like, thumbs up or thumbs down, final say over the fate of team Russia. Were they to reinstate a blanket ban on the Russian team this would be a fatal hole in the hundred and twenty year old ship that is the Olympic Games. It will sink slowly, slower than the Titanic but sink it will or; it will become a hollow farce controlled by the western elite.

I like millions of children all over the world remember being taught at school the symbolism of the interlocking Olympic rings and of brotherhood and free and fair competition between nations from all corners of the earth. 

The attempt to ban clean athletes from the games because of their race is utterly unprecedented in the history of the modern games and is far more corrosive of human sporting endeavour than previous problems such as boycotts and really shows the depth of the moral, spiritual and intellectual collapse of the west.

Even some western athletes have put there names to articles published in newspapers full of racial prejudice, conjecture, rumor mongering and stereotyping. The sad fact is that there can be no hope at all for free and fair competition in sport if international sporting bodies are dominated by individuals from western nations. There is very good reason to call for a ban on citizens from the US, UK, Canada and Australia from serving on any international sporting bodies as they are all controlled by the ruling elites of those countries and do their bidding which is only concerned with global domination and nothing else. 

Let us remind ourselves of the real reason that these western elites are going to so much trouble and effort to demonize and provoke Russia. They are preparing for war with her! Every country and leader that was vilified by the west was then invaded by the west once it was deemed that public opinion had been prepared and Russia will not be an exception no matter how insane that seems to rational, conscious individuals. As I stated above, everything else they have tried has failed. They have only two choices left. Capitulation and the continued collapse of their global power or… total war! The preparations for this war have been progressing relentlessly and have not been paused for a millisecond no matter how many meetings and international discussions diplomats have had. Due to the fact the Russia has steadfastly refused to be baited into taking the first step over the last three years western public opinion has begun to see through the web of lies but too few and, I’m afraid, too late. The elites are more likely to see this as a reason to strike sooner as waiting firther might be their undoing We could be talking months rather than years now. 

Meanwhile there will be an Olympics of some sort in Brazil. They are already tarnished and while the main victims are obviously the Russian athletes and para athletes, Brazil has had its games sullied by its great northern neighbour. While the main reason for the regime change in Brazil was obviously to sabotage the BRICS project, the second was certainly to safeguard the US, UK plot against Russia’s participation. The “bankers” in power in Brazil today remain silent whereas the deposed government most probably would not have done so. The question really is will these Olympic games be the last as we know them or will they be the last ever Olympics FULL STOP?

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