Russians and SAA utterly shatter Takfiris in Aleppo – 7000 + casualties [+Video]


August 6th, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 
RusVesna – adapted by J. Flores – 

The joint Russian-Syrian humanitarian operation to assist the civilian population of the city, continues in Aleppo. This is despite the attempts of the Al Nusra terrorist fighting groups, supported by the US, to prevent the escape of people from the blockaded areas of the city. 

A military source told RusVesna the details of the ongoing operations.

In several eastern corridors of Aleppo designated by the Syrian government as humanitarian, forces were deployed to rescue and assist the civilians who had been essentially been taken as hostages and human shields by the Takfiris. As of yesterday, over 600 hostages had been freed. These people were taken to refugee settlements and first aid was provided. 

For Al Nusra militants who agreed to lay down their arms, a separate route was organized in the north of the city, the so-called security corrdidor, where about 100 militants have been provided amnesty for their surrender. 

Terrorists take terrible losses in Aleppo

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Al Nusra militants are trying to break through the encirclement in the south-western outskirts o Aleppo, to connect with the groupments in the southern and north-eastern parts of the city. The recent large-scale offensive action of fighters of Khan Tuman choked, and this resulted in significant losses in manpower and weaponry. 

As a result of combat operations by government forces, with the support of Russian airforce, in just 4 days the losses of terrorists have exceeded 7,000, the latest count of over 3,000 dead and 4,000 wounded at the time of this printing. 

About 70 control points have been destroyed, along with 45 tanks, 30 infantry fighting vehicles, 200 pieces of other equipment, 70 mortars, and 35 munitions magazines were destroyed.

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