Sky News Investigation: Ukraine – a Hub for Weapons Trafficking to Europe

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August 8th, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

 – Korrespondent – translated by: Kristina Kharlova

Romanian bandits said that receive weapons from Ukraine Photo: Sky News

British journalists discovered large-scale weapons smuggling through Romania

Ukraine is the origin for illegal arms trade through Romania to Western Europe, concluded the investigation of Sky News.

After talks with Romanian gangsters the journalists were offered to come to “a distant part of the country” in order to see the goods.

“We had the means to pay, so the members of the group didn’t care who we are. During our meeting they said they will sell weapons to absolutely anyone – a bank robber, mass murderer or terrorist”, – said the report.

The gang assured that they can not only supply thousands of of weapons, but also ammunition. “We export them from Ukraine with ammunition – as much as you wish,” – they said.

According to the salesmen, thanks to open borders in Europe, weapons like the AK-47 can be easily delivered to customers in Western Europe.

We will remind you that earlier Reuters reported that arms from the ATO [‘Anti-Terrorist Operation’ in Donbass] are sold to the Middle East.

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