Top Russian expert: Moscow has legal right to bomb “terrorist targets” in Ukraine

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August 11, 2016 – 

PolitNavigator – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski

Insofar as Russia and Ukraine are not at war, the foray by Ukrainian saboteurs into Crimea should be regarded as a terrorist threat, not a military operation. This was stated by the renowned Russian military expert Viktor Murakhovsky in an interview with Moscow Komsomolets

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“A whole galaxy of armed groups operate in Ukraine which are not subject to the Ukrainian government or the General Staff. But I would not exclude that these people could be trained by the Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff, since the military-political leadership of Ukraine can’t exist in peaceful conditions. They can deny anything, but the fact is that the West is already tired of them. Ukrainian authorities understand that the less that the US and EU are interested in them, then the less these countries will provide them financial assistance. Using this incident, Kiev might try to reverse the tendency of declining aggression so as to beg the West for more support.”

What’s more, Murakhovsky believes that Russia has the right to strike bases training terrorists on Ukrainian territory.

“It is clear that the saboteurs were quite professional, but our security forces worked in a way so that the civilian population would not suffer. It’s really a pity that two servicemen were killed. The strengthening of security measures and the elimination of the Ukrainian subversive network would be a sufficient answer. But, of course, Moscow should warn Kiev that if provocations continue, then an adequate response will follow within the framework of international agreements on combatting terrorism. Since Russia and Ukraine are not at war, the actions of Ukrainian saboteur-reconnaissance groups can very well be considered to be terrorist in nature. This means that Russia has the right to strike terrorist bases located on the territory of Ukraine.” 

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