Total US Media Black-out on resumption of Libya Bombing

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August 7th, 2016 – Fort Russ News – 

Rusvesna – translated by J. Flores –

The US’s extended military operation against ISIS, already in four countries, now has gone for full air strikes in Libya. 

But the American media has been almost entirely silent on this, writes The Nation.

The renewed US military campaign began two years ago with Iraq, within six weeks American forces began to operate in Syria, and the operation in Afghanistan began in January of this year – but now the fighting has spread to another continent – Africa. However, reading the American media, you would hardly notice this, the article says.

The New York Times did not find the news of a new military operation important enough for the front page, relegating it to the advertisements, and the center-left Slate, Mother Jones, and Buzzfeed News chose to spend too much time with the story of a baby crying during a speech by Donald Trump.

ABC World News Tonight mentioned air strikes in Libya only at the 13th minute of the of the show, and the story lasted about 20 seconds. NBC Nightly News didn’t even bother reporting about the new military operation.

“A statement by the President that the United States that they’ve bombed a new country has became quite commonplace”, says the author of The Nation article.

Media coverage of the expansion of US military activity as something obvious and inevitable. War just is, and if it covers new territory gradually, the public does not see any reason for the disturbance, the article says.

“The question is this: if Obama, since the operation in Iraq, announced that it plans to bomb, not one country, but four, and wages a war that has no end in sight, would it have bothered the American public? Probably not. “, writes The Nation.

The fact that Obama’s military operation discreetly covers new territory without public discussion or approval of Congress, became the new norm for the United States. This is similar to the fact that the American media writes about the war, which seems to never end, as something that is hardly newsworthy, sums up the author.

The US Air Force on August 1st claims that it attacked ISIS terrorist positions in the Libyan city of Sirte, at the request of the national government of Libya. Since the beginning of the military campaign, it has already carried out 11 sorties.

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