Tsarev: Is the US done with Poroshenko? War favors Clinton


August 24th, 2016 – Fort Russ News –

News Front – translated by I. Sinchougova and J. Flores –

Oleg Tsarev, pictured above opposite Poroshenko, has revealed the secrets behind some major Ukrainian political events, having given his insights as to who was behind the murder of Nemtsov and Sheremet, as well as the firing of Zurabov. 

“Poroshenko is now concentrated all power in his own hands and actually has placed himself in opposition to everyone. He removed Yatsenyuk, and also removed almost all of the American stooges. Really Poroshenko today only has the support of the head of the SBU, Basil Hrycak, and they have known each other for about 20 years and support each other.” 

“About 100 thousand people have been killed during the conflict in Ukraine” – Oleg Tsarev


Fort Russ provides the following translation of News Front’s exclusive interview with Tsarev. Tsarev is the former ‘mainstream’ Party of Regions figure who came out in favor of the Donbass revolution when it became apparent that the coup installed government in Ukraine was bent on ethnic cleansing, war, and being an outright vassal-state of the US.

He was the first major political leader connected to this conflict which echoed the view of the Fort Russ editorial board that the US may have a scenario in mind to launch a neo-nazi coup to oust Poroshenko in the event that he was no longer useful to the US’s needs. Tsarev however sees that the US would need to maintain some semblance of order and a ‘respectable face’ for a new neo-Nazi backed government, created by the US. While we understand that this view is controversial, it is backed up not only by sound analysis, but also the expert opinion of Oleg Tsarev himself, a man intimately connected to these events and with firsthand knowledge of the players involved. 

However, given the timing of this article and interview from News Front, it is also possible that Tsarev’s aim here is to cause confusion and further distrust between important Ukrainian figures as we approach a grave possibility of a significant increase of hostilities and even a full blown resumption of the war.


News Front – Oleg, the other day you made a big statement that Ukraine is preparing another coup. Do you think this information is reliable?

Oleg Tsarev – Yes, it’s reliable. Unfortunately, many of my predictions have come true. Shortly before the coup in February 2014, I addressed the Verkhovna Rada where I made a statement that the US Embassy organized a coup in Ukraine. Shortly after my speech, the coup really happened. But today I do not claim that the coup will certainly happen. I am only saying that one is being prepared.

NF – Being prepared now?

OT – Yes. There is a secret room, the headquarters of conspirators at the hotel “Kiev” on the 17th floor . They are part of the team who shot the ”Heavenly Hundred”: Paruby (now the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada,), Avakov … They are tight enough to communicate with Turchinov ( the head of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine). After I wrote about this in my blog, I contacted many of my friends from Ukraine. They said: “Oleg, we went to the hotel “Kiev” to have a look and saw: yes, indeed, there is a separate elevator, which has a security guard, and they will not let anyone go to the 17th floor.”

NF – Was Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov also involved in the shooting of the “Heavenly hundred”?

OT – He was in the know.

NR – And who were the main organizers of the crime, according to you?

OT – Turchinov and Paruby.

NF – Paruby wasn’t there at the Maidan on the 20th February, 2014, claiming that he had received a heavy concussion. Then there were rumors that he was afraid for his life, that he might become a “martyr” …

OT – No. There was supposed to be another “martyr”.

NF – Who?

OT – I can not talk about it. Because the disclosure of certain information would harm our cause. These plans were discussed at the meeting, Poroshenko was aware of all of this, but he made a decision. However, he knew of the impending execution of the plan.

NF – The Americans were aware of this too?

OT – I think so, yes. The Americans were aware of everything that was done there.

NF – On August 19th, some media reported that Avakov wrote a letter of resignation. How would you comment on this?

OT – This is the matter: On the one hand, Avakov, together with a group of friends were preparing a coup against Poroshenko. But Avakov led about 40 deputies in the Verkhovna Rada. If Poroshenko dismissed Avakov, the pro-presidential majority would crumble. With a lost majority, there would be the start of new government elections, chaos. For Poroshenko this is a disaster. Avakov wrote a statement many times, but each time Poroshenko did not sign it.

NF – What forces today are interested in the overthrow of Poroshenko? Why do they want him removed?

OT – Poroshenko is now concentrated all power in his own hands and actually has placed himself in opposition to everyone. He removed Yatsenyuk, and also removed almost all of the American stooges. Really Poroshenko today only has the support of the head of the SBU, Basil Hrycak, and they have known each other for about 20 years and support each other.

NF – But Hrycak is also considered a creature of the Americans…

OT – Naturally, the candidate for chief of the security service negotiated with the Americans, but they want to change him. Hrycak is Poroshenko’s man. If not for the work of the SBU, the revolution would have already happened. Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko is now in serious negotiations with the oligarch Igor Kolomoysky behind Poroshenko’s back, Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman began his political project with a budget of $900k. The situation today is such that Poroshenko can’t rely on anyone. Basil Hrycak is the last person who supports him.

NF – Kolomoysky is also against Poroshenko?

OT – Yes, Kolomoysky is against Poroshenko. Kolomoysky’s wealth rests on three “pillars”: this is oil, ferroalloys (60% of the world market) and the Privat Bank. But he lost the oil venture. Now there is the question of the nationalization of the Privat-Bank. But this requires a large amount – about four billion dollars; Ukraine has no such money. The situation is complicated. If Kolomoysky takes his money out of the bank, when panic starts, then the banking system of Ukraine will collapse. Poroshenko is now alone.

NF – And who does the group of conspirators want to move into his place? Yatsenyuk?

OT – The situation is this. I have spoken with many Russian politicians. They believe that if the radicals in Ukraine will come to power, the Russian government will not view them as legitimate. And the west will also reject them, because they will at this point be outright Nazis. But a “civilized” representative for the coup, for the West, is Arseniy Yatsenyuk. When Groysman last flew to the United States, he said: “Talk to Yatsenyuk, he will organize all the meetings.” Yatsenyuk is closely linked to Nuland. If this team of Nuland, Biden et al will remain in power, they have clear and logical proteges: Yaresko (former Minister of Finance of Ukraine, the US-born, former employee of the State Department and the US Embassy in Ukraine), Yatsenyuk. As a presidential candidate they considered including Nalyvaychenko (former head of the Security Service of Ukraine ). So these people who are waiting for those to come to power to be outright thugs, so that Ukraine will be isolated, are very wrong. As during the Euromaidan, the revolution will be made radical hands. But Yatsenyuk will come to power.

NF – What form could this revolution take? In the form of street demonstrations, riots?

OT – First, the script was such. But in fact the situation of Poroshenko is so complicated that he could voluntarily resign, citing health. For him, it is an opportunity to save lives and money.

I think that he will bargain very hard and then write a statement. He’s good in business, he’s a great negotiator. When he realizes that everything is over, he will bargain for immunity from prosecution and the salvation of his finances. Radicals are used simply as a means of pressure. This is the scenario they are running with

NF – When can this happen?

OT – I think that it is unlikely to happen before the US presidential elections. Poroshenko will now do everything to fulfill the orders he had received, namely: to provoke Russia to some actions that discredits both itself, and Trump. This will either be an attack on Donbass or provocations in Crimea.

For Poroshenko, the war  is about preserving power and buying some time. And it does not matter that Ukraine will lose part of its territory or that any number of people will lose their lives.

NF – Last week Poroshenko made a statement that Russia is preparing to attack Ukraine. What is behind this?

OT – Now another provocation allegedly on behalf of Russia (a false flag)  is being planned. They are getting Russian military uniforms and transporting these to Ukraine. Perhaps a unit looking like they are Russian will carry out some attack or act of terrorism. This is just what Clinton needs. To accuse Russia, and along with Trump, as they have painted him as an “agent of Russia.”

Statements by Poroshenko fit into this scenario, that only an insider can confirm.

I have been in Ukrainian politics for twenty years. I have many friends among the politicians and security officials. I know young guys in the Esbeushniki (‘SBU-niks’), who told me that one and a half years ago they secretly penetrated the territory of the Belgorod region (in Russia). They were given weapons, they crossed the border, made a test maneuver, and returned. So they ran in. These guys were not supporters of the ATO, they are from the “old guard” of the SBU. The border with the Russian Federation is very extensive. Where the provocation may occur is unclear.

NF – In Crimea, saboteurs of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine were recently detained. This is a fundamentally new situation: there was a direct aggression against Russia by a foreign state. There is the opinion that Russia should deliver a serious response. What approach will they take?

OT – I think that Russia will do nothing. They will just use this situation to  have a sharp change of rhetoric towards Petro Poroshenko and Ukraine. I have said an unpopular thing with this, but I believe that Russia should not do anything.

NF – Why?

OT – Now in Ukraine there is a civil war. If you go to the blogs of Ukrainian “patriots”, you can guarantee that they are rejoicing whenever people die. For them, the more people die, so much the better, because it reinforces hatred and the break with Russia becomes irreversible. A military solution to the conflict produces more martyrs. Already huge numbers of people have been killed.

NF – You know the numbers – how many people died?

OT – The figures are known to me. They are monstrous. The source I will not name, but it is serious. About 100 thousand people have been killed during the conflict in Ukraine. It’s almost “caught up” to Yugoslavia. Therefore, the ideal situation is one where the conflict will be resolved outside of Ukraine. In Syria, or the elections in the United States, or by some kind of political bargaining between the world powers. What is happening in Syria, Turkey, and elsewhere – this is actually the solution to the Ukrainian question, it’s not on the territory of Ukraine.

NF – Do you think with the accused Crimean saboteurs that they are the real saboteurs? The Ukrainian side is still trying to distance themselves from them, this is claimed by various people.

OT – These are real saboteurs.

NF – What was the meaning of the attacks which they had planned? What, in your opinion, would this achieve for Kiev?

OT – It was a provocation to address the American and Ukrainian political problems. The situation in Ukraine resembles the situation in Chechnya after the first war. Remember, then under international pressure Russia left Chechnya alone. A shameful peace was signed in Khasavyurt, during which the Russian Federation was then allocated an IMF loan. But leaving alone Chechnya failed. Because internal problems began to arise, and there were two options: either a civil war inside Chechnya or a spreading of this conflict into Russia. The same thing will happen in Ukraine. The the more the situation in Ukraine worsens, the more problems will worsen in Russia. The length of the open border with the Russian Federation means that problems will necessarily arise.

NF – After the detention of the group saboteurs were arrested in the Crimea, I also saw the analogy with Chechnya. In my opinion, in fact a direct analogy. But the Chechen invasion of Dagestan led to the fact that the second Chechen war …

OT – I still hope that everything will somehow be not decided on the territory of Ukraine. I think that Russia will do everything to make sure that a war does not start before the next US elections.

NF – What is the reason for the resignation of Ambassador Zurabov?

OT – Back in 2012, at the “round table” in MGIMO, Zurabov said that the president of Ukraine will be Petro Poroshenko. And that this was a very good option for Russia. Because Poroshenko will not pass through three basic check marks. First check – NATO, the second – Sevastopol, and the third – the Orthodox Church.

Zurabov and Poroshenko have a good personal relationship, he has always been a lobbyist for him in Russia. He urged that Poroshenko is a person with whom you can always negotiate, who takes a reasonable, balanced position, and that he has the soul of a Russian, although he can not openly show this. The Russian recognition of the presidential elections and many other things also, were based on the fact that Poroshenko can engage in dialogue.

Zurabov’s resignation is a sign that Poroshenko is no longer able to engage in dialogue and be agreeable on things moving forward. For two reasons: Firstly, he always does just what is profitable for him. If it is not profitable, he resorts to cheating. So its useless to negotiate with him. Secondly, he cannot generally make policies independently. So there is only a very small corridor within which he can make independent decisions.

NF – So it turns out that Zurabov was deceiving the public and at the “round table”, and the Russian leadership?

OT – But why would we think this? Maybe he really thought these things.

NF – Nevertheless, it turns out that with Zurabov’s advice, Russia made a number of major and fatal errors, the most important of which, in my opinion, is the recognition of the legitimacy of the election of Poroshenko. Now this has been realized, but time was lost. Why was not he sacked before?

OT – I think that Zurabov was left as another negotiator. There were Viktor Medvedchuk and Zurabov as another channel through which it would be possible to negotiate with Poroshenko. And now we have decided that this channel is not needed.

NF – What do you think – who is behind the assassination attempt on the head of the LPR, Plotnitsky? Ukrainian intelligence or maybe ours, as some say?

OT – Any theory that Russian special services are behind this doesn’t exactly hold water. The basic version is that it was Ukrainian special services. There are no other versions. My guys were immediately on the site of the assassination attempt and continued to accompany him to the hospital. When he drove there, he thought he would die and said goodbye to all. He was covered in blood. At the hospital, the blood was washed away and it was found that there was no serious damage. There were just glass shrapnel and cuts. His eye is damaged, but we will see. Plus there was contusion and bruises. He was discharged home and even went to work.

NF – Do you know who was behind the murder of the prominent warlords of Novorossiya: Mozgovoy and Dremov?

OT – I know, but I won’t say. It’s better that I tell you about Sheremet.

NF – Tell us. 

OT – Pavel Sheremet’s murder linked to Russian affairs, specifically the murder of Nemtsov.

Sheremet, working for “Ukrainian Pravda”, in fact crossed paths with a number of friends who have worked against Russia. Through Ukrainian Chechens they hired Russian Chechens who were actually the ones that murdered Nemtsov. His girlfriend Duritskaya’s phone had a beacon installed by which they traced him. 

Sheremet was associated with Nemtsov’s grouping and conducted his own investigation of the murder. When he started to catch the trail of the killers, he was destroyed. I think that the Chechens from the case of Sheremet’s murder will be arrested soon in Ukraine.  At least my friends in Ukraine think so.

NF – Recently, information has appeared that the United States might begin to supply Ukraine with arms again. Is it true?

OT – Yes, deliveries of lethal weapons begin whenever there is about to be a provocation. In the meantime, they’ve dragged a huge number of weapons from the former Warsaw Pact to Ukraine. They’ve brought guidance systems which allow the coordinates of a person who fired a shot to be found. As for something more serious, at the Dnepropetrovsk airport are constantly sitting NATO military aircraft from which boxes are unloaded. The airport is blocked off, and no one knows what is in the boxes.  

NF – What do you think- will martial law be imposed in Ukraine? There’s been information that this will happen in August.

OT – Poroshenko has declined Turchinov’s introduction of martial law in every possible way. The decision was practically already taken and reported just before the Holy Procession. Then Poroshenko understood that Turchinov becomes the second person in charge of the state under martial law as the secretary of the Security council with enormous powers. And if something happens to Poroshenko, then he becomes #1. Therefore, they rolled it back. Given the position that Turchinov occupies today and his relations with Paruby and Avakov, I think that Poroshenko would introduce martial law only in the case of emergency situations.

NF – If Poroshenko doesn’t trust Turchinov, then why hasn’t he changed him out?

OT – Turchinov has been working with the United States ever since the story with Gongadze. He took an active part in the unwinding of this case. He is very closely linked to the Americans.

NF – Ukraine is celebrating 25 years of independence. What do you feel about this date? What has Ukraine achieved? 

OT – What feelings can it cause? In terms of development, Soviet Ukraine was ahead of the Federal Republic of Germany. She had a nuclear industry just like France did. She had aviation, pipe industry, ferrous metallurgy, non-ferrous metallurgy. But then it was all shipped off somewhere. We are one of the few CIS countries that has not reached the GDP level that we had at the time of the Soviet collapse. Independent Ukraine’s GDP is about 35% what the GDP the Ukrainian SSR’s was. By the way, it was Belarus that first reached its GDP from the time of the collapse of the Union. Then Azerbaijan. If Azerbaijan could do so thanks to oil, then Belarus could simply because its industry didn’t collapse. But here we have the results of Ukrainian independence. 

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